Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hotter than butt

Well, if you're not from here then you don't get it! My friend Melissa said that one day and it just stuck. We were roommates in college for a while too and it was our favorite saying. Sacramento in the summer....yeah, hotter than butt. Today it was 98 at 5:00pm. Why did I move back here? Oh, thats right...Ryan gets to grow up with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Ethan and I get some free time. Worth it---yes. But still, its hotter than butt.

Ryan fell asleep during our morning walk so that screwed up the day. I tried to tire him out by taking him to an indoor play area I just found about 20min away. Think Kidsville in RB but not as cool. He lasted just under an hour. There were meltdowns since he couldn't have his cup, then he couldn't have a snack, etc. I was not gonna pay for stuff I had in the car and since I couldn't bring it in, it was time to go. Plus, I already had to buy $2 socks since I didn't bring any. And yes, I did wonder about that before I left, but socks make you slip on those jumpy/slide things. Whatever.

We spent some time with Uncle Eddie. Then grandma and grandpa got home so Ryan got to go outside and feed the kitties. He loves that. Then another meltdown cuz he wanted to stay outside. This time grandpa decided to wash the car so we all went out front and Ryan got to play with the house until grandpa needed it which again meant ANOTHER MELTDOWN.

Other meltdowns:
mommy wouldn't let him bring his milk cup in the bath
mommy wouldn't let him bring his water cup AND milk cup to bed

Needless to say, my kid was in bed at 5:50pm tonight. His usual is 6:30. But on a day where he was been awake since 10:30 am it is required. 10:30 is when he usually takes a nap! He should have taken a second nap and I was hoping for that on the way home from Go Bananas (the play place) but it didn't happen. By then we had hit the time where it was too late for a nap so we had to push through to bedtime.

Icing on the cake: when I got home at 5:00pm it was 85 downstairs and 90 upstairs. Now, i am a responsible utility user and don't turn on the AC when I'm not home. I MAY BE RE-THINKING THAT.

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