Friday, June 15, 2007

We cannot get schedulized

Yesterday I decided we were staying home. It was just too hot. I set the AC for 80 (trying to be responsible) instead of waiting for the house to get monstrously hot and then taking 4 hrs to cool down. Everytime Ryan went outside he took a few steps and gave me a weird look. I kept telling him "too hot." He got the gist. It was at least 100 yesterday. I didn't drive by "the bank" but I just know these things. "The bank" is the the bank that has a digital temp reading on the outside of the building. So, when anyone tells you how hot it is here you know they just drove by "the bank." Its at a very central location, but I have never met anyone that actually banked at "the bank."

Ryan took an early nap again yesterday-9:30. He was only asleep about 50 min. So uncool. I tried to put him down for a second nap around 2:00 but that didn't fly. He played, then cried. I at least got 45 min to myself. So, ofcourse that meant another early bedtime. We just can't shake this cycle of early wake-ups, early naps, early bedtimes. I was able to keep him awake til 10am today and I'm hoping that is progress. I keep telling him, see what happens when you wake up at 4:45? I don't think he cares.

We are picking up pictures at Walmart today, then visiting uncle and grandma. We also need to wrap father's day gifts. Tomorrow we are heading to the Children's Museum. I really wanted us to do a family thing outside but as I mentioned in an earlier post--its hotter than butt. The museum looks fun on the website so I hope it is. I love to watch Ethan and Ryan together out in public. He is the "parent in charge" and he gets to experience all of Ryan's craziness. I, ofcourse, will pack a bag, make sure he has snacks and juice, but Ethan is still in charge. Thats how it goes around here on the weekends. Except I have mommy duty on Sunday mornings. Ethan gets one day to sleep in...and it is father's day. We're also gonna hit the farmer's market before we go. Who knew my small little town would have something cool!

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