Friday, June 8, 2007

The trials and tribulations of Shelby Lynn

Yes, we have two dogs (and they both have middle names), but it seems Shelby always gets the attention. Why? Cuz she has tons of issues and it seems every few months all of her issues come together to form one huge Shelby bonanza of trouble. Yes, I was the one that wanted a second dog--mostly because Nikki Sue liked her daddy better. Eventhough I spent more time with her, and taught her how to roll over! Anyway...Shelby is almost 8, and Nikki is 9.5. Here are some of Shelby's issues:
1. digs
2. eats plastic, wood, anything off the counter
3. snores
4. we call her josie grossy--she doesn't smell yummy if you know what i mean
5. she barks at anyone that walks by our front window. apparently she thinks she owns the street.
6. she gets over excited on walks if she sees another dog and sounds like a hyena (that spelling doesn't look right...hmmm)

Yes, we love her anyway. But for three days in a row this week I came home to something plastic shredded all over the house. 2 cups and 1 shovel. Today I came back from a walk and she took a box of jelly bellys off the counter and ate those. Her daddy is gonna be mad!

Here are some of her other antics over the years:
1. ate wooden door molding
2. pulled the catbox out of a room she was locked out of, and carried it halfway down the stairs (so gross!)
3. climbed 5 ft fence at the Rancho Del Oro house
4. got picked up by animal control and i got a lecture
5. we chained her to a tree and she still managed to get over the fence (even after very careful measuring by an engineer) and almost hung herself to death
6. we put her in a chain link kennel and she actually bent the links with her nose!
7. dug under our fence at the Sacramento house
8. chewed on the corner of a coffee table

**after all of these antics we were recommended by a dog trainer to leave her inside if we weren't home. she assured us her bladder was big enough. so now we spend 15 min (minimum) dog proofing the house before we can leave. and still, she finds things to eat. we don't know if its boredom or what. i gotta say, its gross picky up dog poop that his little bits and pieces of stuff! once i even found a rolly eye that she ripped off a stuffed animal.


kalyn said...

OH NOoooooo... BAD DOGGIE!!! She sounds like she has some sepperation anxiety. Yes- that is real. My boxer (a while ago) had the same thing. Whenever I would leave, she would destroy the house!!! She ate a box of tampons once, ate her doggie bed, (cotton and all) ate a box of valentines candy that was ON TOP of the fridge (she pooped red for weeks!) It was a Disaster!!!!!!! Good luck my friend, and thank you for reminding me why I am not getting a dog for a few years!! ;)

judy_cushing said...

Oh Brandi. You should really talk to Beth. Her Rotties have been wreaking havoc on her house since Liam....especially in the last few months.
Sometimes they can't accept coming next in line after the kiddos....sorry to hear it!