Thursday, July 3, 2008

DC - Part 2


Because Michelle Flynn totally rocks, she suggested we take a Hop On Hop Off tour bus while in DC. Ethan was totally thrilled with the idea because it was cheap and seemed very effective. He is down to business, even on vacation. Actually, I'm not sure Ethan can really even "vacation" like a normal person. He must be busy, moving, doing something sitting on the beach reading for him. No way. So, I just get to be exhausted for my vacations. I was excited about the bus because it seemed so easy. The one problem was that I couldn't think of anything else that screamed "TOURIST" more than a bright red double decker bus. Oh yes my friends, I was on THAT bus. All we needed was a camera hanging around our neck and a fanny pack. Oh know I would NEVER wear a fanny pack. Never. Ever.

So, we took the metro to Union Station to meet our bus. The whole tour takes about 2hrs. We decided we would just ride it for the whole trip, see what was around, then get off when we felt like it. After an hour on the bus Ethan was done. Too much sitting. We were about halfway through the route so we got off at the National Cathedral. Oh my...breathtaking. Its so beautiful in so many different ways. Its beautiful in a regligious sense, but also architectually and just knowing that it took 80+ yrs to build gives it a sense of perseverence and dedication. We got back on the bus (hence the hop on hop off--you get it) and got off again in the Jamestown shopping district. So cute! We had a nice lunch at a french cafe. You would not believe what a sandwich and salad costs. Seriously. We walked a few blocks and decided to hop on the bus again near the Ritz. Lots of black mercedes w/ tinted windows going in there. I told Ethan we were staying there next time!

Then we got off somewhere, and went to Washington monument and the Smithsoniun...I think it was Natural History, but honestly I can't remember. All I can tell you is that I saw the Hope Diamond. Then we walked to the Art museum where I got to stare at beautiful paintings. We walked outside when it closed and it was raining. Yipee! Not a hard rain, just a quick shower. We headed over to the closest metro and went back to Union Station to have some dinner. Ethan saw a movie theater and just our luck (or his) Indiana Jones was, no dinner for us, but I did get a really expensive bag of yucky popcorn. Then it was back on the metro to our hotel, and ofcourse a run to CVS so Ethan could have cold Pepsi for the next day. Priorities people. Oh, and we needed some Andes mints....and sunscreen. Duh.


We found out that the bus picked up very close to our hotel (like 1 block) so we had a scone at a local bakery. The funny part about the bus was that originally it said it was going to pick us up at 7:00 at another hotel because there were none close. The tour starts at 9:00 so I said hell no. That is why we metro'd to Union Station. Then the bus literally picks up 1 block from our hotel at the "Dupont Circle" stop....annoying. You would think they would know a bit more about local hotels since they are in the tourist business. Anyway, we got off somewhere...apparently I'm having memory issues. We went to Air & Space that day, another art museum...lots of walking, is all I know. Then we metro'd back to Dupont, at at a fabulous Brasilian restaurant, rested at the hotel for a bit, then hit the monuments at night and the White House. It is so cool to see so many people out and about late at night. You actually feel really safe.


Ok, I'm not sure we did all of this Wednesday, but I know we did it. We went to Arlington Cemetary. All I can say is that it is mind blowing when you realize how many people lost their lives protecting our country. Then we went to the Spy Museum. The downer of this is that you have to pay. We were used to everything being free!!! After that it was the Halocaust museum. As Flynn said, its depressing, but I'm glad we saw it. Its so well done. Then we hit the Capitol and Botanical Gardens. Oh, and the Native American museum. By this time we were DONE. We were so tired of walking, and being hot, and just wanted a break. We went to a local asian diner near our hotel, then stopped at the Marvelous Market for dessert.

Thursday morning we got a cab to Union Station because we could not deal w/ my large suitcase on the metro during rushhour. Then we took a train to BWI. And we're home.

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Our Family of Four said...

YEAH!!! So glad you had fun and you hit sooooo much in a VERY short time! Also happy you went to the monuments at night, so pretty, and TOTALLY safe. Really I think everyone should see The Mall at night, it's amazing. Yeah for vacations without kids!