Thursday, July 31, 2008


How many times did Ryan pee on the potty....3. So, that is pretty amazing, since I gave up. Apparently if you ask your MIL to babysit she will take care of it. LOVE IT. He went once for her, then once again when I came home and she was still here, then he went again for me before bath. Seriously. I.DO.NOT.KNOW. HOW.OR WHY. BUT.ITS.COOL. And ofcourse this comes on the heels of me spending $20 on a box of diapers yesterday.

And if you can possibly stand more house information, our favorite house where there were 10 other bidders fell through and is back on the market. Basically we need to make a full price offer by the end of the weekend if we want to be considered. And, I saw a house today that I really liked, that is about 30k less, but in the same hood. Oh, and add this into the mix, the house around the corner that we have been eyeing (pergo flooring, stainless appliances, corian counters and a huge master and very clean) is probably going to be lowered another 25k this weekend. Let's not forget we are the #2 offer on the house across the street as well. Freakin decisions need to be made!

In other cool news, my brother just signed a letter of intent with the Sheriff's Dept. So proud of him. He graduates from the academy in September. It is really nice to have a job before you have even graduated and will take a weight off his shoulders. A few more tests to pass and he will be DONE. Yay!

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Lizzie Fish said...

keep the house info coming...i love that you have options and you can get exactly what you want!

houses going down 25k in price - wow - that's never a bad thing. =)

and yay for the potty!