Saturday, July 19, 2008

Potty training sucks

The title really says it all. Basically, this is day one in underwear. I think we are jumping the gun a bit since he doesn't exhibit any of the signs on the "checklist" but Ethan doesn't care about the check list. I know that forcing him is a bad thing, but I also know he is over 2.5 and cannot get into preschool without being potty trained. We have pushed off school til January since everywhere has wait lists but we do have to start somewhere. I complained that I couldn't even get Ryan to put on his big boy underwear. I was sure they would bit a hit because HELLO they had police cars on them! He screams and kicks when its time to change his diaper or get dressed, and I was not willing to go through that with underwear. Ethan said he would take care of it and I was woken up at 7am to Ryan showing me his underwear. There was no screaming or fit throwing which annoys the crap out of me, but whatever. Here is where it is good to be Ethan. He got to leave at who has cleaned up pee twice already? Oh yes, me. And its only 9:30. I know that is normal to have "accidents." I was also hoping him feeling totally wet would be gross to him and help move the process along. Apparently not. I've heard terrible things about pull ups, since they are basically diapers so I was going to skip those, or at least leave them for nap/bedtime. So my question is how many "accidents" are normal and what is not normal and "he's just not ready?"

I know I have to be 100% in it, and I've asked him about every 15 min this morning if he needs to go sit on the potty. Two messes later, I'm annoyed already. The way I figure it, I have cleaned up enough dog mess for my entire life and I'm not looking forward to Ryan pee and poop all over my house. I'm just sayin. Ok, well I think I've only cleaned up dog pee twice in 9 yrs...but thats because we are super smart and get dogs that are already house trained. And actually, I'm not sure I've cleaned up dog poop in the house, but I've done enough of it outside. But I HAVE cleaned up lots of dog vomit, and stuff worse than poop and pee so I won't even go there. You can imagine. My dogs have sensitive GI tracts so things can get pretty gross.

And right now he is sitting on my bed so I must go check on him because if he pees in my bed I'm pretty sure he will be in a diaper in 5 seconds.

Oh...and you must watch Rock the Reception on TLC. It is so cool.


Lizzie Fish said...

omg the first day is a nightmare. i was ready to throw in the towel at 8am after cleaning up accident after accident. she didn't 'get it' until the afternoon of the second day.

michelle flynn has this book she used and it got her kids sleeping dry and being dry all day in three days or so. we're still sleeping in pullups but you're totally on the right track with not using them during the day.

it's stressful and aggravating, but if you can stick with it, you should be good to go SOON. he's old enough for sure and he'll get it. this first part is just totally hard - and for the next little bit you'll have to go back to carrying changes of clothes with you when you go out.

good luck! crossing fingers for you!!!

Our Family of Four said...

the book I like is and cost about $15, you download it from your computer. The term book is used lightly because you can read the whole thing in about 10 minutes but it really does work. Max was a champion potty trainer but even he had about 3 thousand accidents the first 2 days then on day 3 it clicked and he almost never had an accident after that. Worked for Maggie too just not as fast because she didn't care if she was wet or I was irritated. Good luck it's not fun, sorry it's the truth. Mike keeps saying we should adopt a 2 year old in Bogota but I know he just wants one already trained!

McCoyFamily said...

Boys Boys Boys! I also bought the three day potty training book off the internet and it still took me
3 1/2months to potty train Patrick Boys are so stuborn well at least Patrick was Pooping was the hardest thing for him to grasp...Stick with it never give up and he will get it eventually! Lots of Luck!