Wednesday, July 30, 2008

House # 2 update

We were notified yesterday that the top two bids were being submitted to the lender yesterday and it was lender's choice. We also found out we are #2. I hate the waiting. I am already scheduled to see more houses tomorrow with our realtor because we don't want to miss out on another house if this falls through. We are hoping the lender will counter both offers with a "best and final" and we can make a stronger offer. Our first offer was $9k under asking, so the fact that we were in the top 2 hopefully means the other bidder wasn't much higher. Now we just have to figure out how much we want to pay for this house. I'm tired of looking, but more tired of the game. Agents are pricing the houses low, getting tons of interest, and then the houses are going for over asking, sometimes by 20%. This has changed the price range we are looking in and basically the whole process. To quote one of Ryan's potty books, now we just "sit and wait sit and wait."

BTW: potty training is on old. i cannot deal w/ the mess, or the attitude

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