Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some pics

You all know that I have not mastered putting captions under the individual pictures, eventhough two of you have told me how. It is ridiculous, but I own it. So, from top to bottom they are:
1) Ethan and I...duh
2) my hair, which really is a masterpiece since thin/fine hair does NOTHING (26 bobby pins if you wanted to know)
3) wedding ceremony on their dock, boats in the background
4) the centerpieces
5) view from their back/front door
6) bride and I at the rehearsal dinner...yes, she is rocking a tube top. we'll stop at nothing to get rid of tan lines
Looks like Ethan didn't take any pictures of the bride and I together after the ceremony. Guess we were too busy. But, I've seen the professional pics and he got a ton so I should have some soon. I'm sure you are all waiting for Part 2 of our DC adventure...


Lizzie Fish said...

awww...so beautiful! i love your hair =)

McCoyFamily said...

You looked so pretty loved the hair and the flower arrangements were awesome...