Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm an aunt

Ok, its not the first time, actually the fourth, but its still cool. Ethan's sister had a baby girl early this morning. I was extra excited because the birth and everything went smoothly. First of all, she has already had two 9 lb babies so that could scare anyone. She almost had an emergency c-section with her third and somewhere in there had very long labors, especially when being induced. Last night they started pitocin because they thought her fluid levels might be low. I think it was around 7pm and baby Clara Leon (not sure on the spelling and this name could possibly change) was born around 2:45am. Totally awesome. I know she was worried about going through a multiple day birth again...can you even imagine? My labor with Ryan was about 11 hrs and I've heard that is great for an induction, especially a first baby, so its great that she was able to do it in less time than that.

Please do not flood me with comments when I post this, but her other daughter (child #3) is partly the reason there is a Ryan. We went to visit them when she was 6 weeks old, while we were in town for my parents 30th anniversary party. I fell in love with baby Gretta immediately. I'm pretty sure I didn't put her down and Ethan took all of these pictures of us together and he kept saying I looked good with a baby. On our way home we talked about how we missed seeing our two nephews, and now our new niece growing up. Just in general that we missed our families...and so the idea was born to possibly start our own family. And here we are.


Lizzie Fish said...

cool bookshelf =)

and that's sweet about (i'm not really commenting about this - this is a ps to the bookshelf so don't yell at me) how ryan came to be. gretta should be his favorite cousin EVER. =)

Brandi said...

LOL, he hates her because she is always yelling at him! She confuses him with her cousin Charlie who pushes her down all the time. I guess all blonde boys look a like in a family of all blondes!