Thursday, July 17, 2008

No house

As I expected, we did not get the house. I'm fine with that, especially knowing there were 10 other offers and we were under asking. Apparently our cash down was not enough to woo them. I'm really ok with it, except for the fact that they didn't call/e-mail our agent to let us know. The house just went up as pending on the MLS. It seems courtesy is lacking in this foreclosure market. So, we keep looking and find the house we are meant to have.

In other news, check out my Shelfari! This is all due to Liz because she helped me when I didn't know where to paste my code and basically she just rocks. I had to enter my books twice, but whatever. It was kinda fun to see all the books I had read, and most of them were recently. So, check out my shelf and you might find something you like. Oh, and I didn't put anything on there that I didn't like. I had to read a ton of stuff in college that I hated, so that is nowhere on the list. I believe I even (finally) got rid of those books. I have a hard time letting books go, even ones I hate. Don't ask me why, but they are no longer on my real shelf. I also left out the poetry and anthologies cuz...well...its just too much.

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Lizzie Fish said...

i'm sorry about your house =(

i hope it works out for the next one, though! =)