Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Something not to do

Take your child to the store to pick out a toy! What was I thinking? A friend of mine sent Ryan a gift card for a belated birthday gift (very very belated, LOL) and I said he could go to Target and pick out a toy. We had to get a birthday gift also, and a baby gift. After we did that, I gently directed him to the Elmo Potty dvd because I thought maybe that would be a nice push in the potty training direction. He said absolutely not, but pickd a Dora dvd. I told him I wasn't spending $ on Dora when we can Tivo her anytime on TV--and we already have 2 episodes saved in case of emergencies. Apparently when I said pick, I had restrictions. What a mom! So, we left the book area and headed to toys. He started picking out a bunch of baby toys to which I said no to, AGAIN. I was starting to feel bad and I was trying to get him to the aisles of things he would like: trucks, trains, cars, etc. He found the Little People area and I kinda think he is getting too big for that, but he does love the stuff he has. He doesn't have the police car so I showed him that, but he kept picking the tractor. We have 100 tractors over here. I was totally micro-managing this process.

Then he picked the purple SUV, which I was ok with, except for the fact that there were no boys in it. It was a bit girlie. Then he picked some kind of pink carriage being pulled by a purple horse. Wow. I was really fighting the urge to say thats for girls, but I ended up saying it. I was really mad at myself and decided he could have whatever he wanted....except the piano, because HELLO YOU ALREADY HAVE THE FISHER PRICE PIANO. Do you really need a pink piano? NO, I DON'T THINK SO.

Finally we made it to the trucks and picked a big red monster truck. Cool. Oh, but wait, look over here, I want THIS. When we went to check a price machine for yet another car related toy he saw the Thomas section. Then he wanted the green train, then the red. Finally we picked the red, had the discussion that he was SURE that is what he wanted, and headed to the register. About halfway there he said "here hold this mom i no want it." I told him if he didn't want it we had to put it back, so we went back to the toys where he told me he didn't want anything. Fine. Oh wait, there is a very large fire truck that has blinking lights and lots of noise. It was like heaven for him. And what a surprise, we have the smaller version of that exact fire truck. I just let it go. And he is in love with it. He played with it all last night, asked for it first thing when he got up this morning. He told Ethan "yook mommy bought me a fire truck."

Why didn't I just use the gift card to buy myself yet another cute t-shirt?

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