Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mom Night Out

I so needed an MNO, and Friday night we all went to another mom's house who had a heated pool and spa. So fun. We've been having 105+ weather all week so it was so great to just cool down, have a mojito (or 3) and relax. Another friend and I closed the party down and I got home at 2:30. Honestly, that is so unlike me. We usually have our MNOs at a restaurant, and sometimes the ladies will go out to a bar afterward, but I usually head for home. After 10:00 I'm all about exhausted. Plus, I'm always scared of running into my brother at a bar.

The only problem is that a pool requires a bathing suit and you all know how I feel about that. I was leaving funny messages on the playgroup board about how everyone was going to have to close their eyes when I got in the pool or that I was going to wear sweats. Honestly, there is no appropriate swimwear when you have big boobs...unless you want to spend over $100 which I DO NOT. We were all having swimsuit discussions and I realized I haven't bought a suit since my honeymoon...almost 9 yrs ago. Yes, I hate swimsuits THAT much. A friend of mine from work gave me a suit of hers when I was pg with Ryan and said I might want it for the summer after I had him. It was a size bigger than my normal pre-pg size and it was tagged a "miracle suit." Whatever that means. So, i've been wearing that since I had Ryan. I rarely swim, but needed it for rafting and a few other things. It is now known in the mom circle as the "uniboob" suit because, well, no explanation is needed.

I'm trying to get Ethan to make an offer on a house we saw today. The way the market is here it will be gone in a day or two. It most likely will go for above asking, which we aren't willing to pay, but I'd like to get an offer in just to see what happens. It has everything we wanted, except its not in our current neighborhood. The pros definately way out the cons, especially when the only con is that its not HERE. But, it has some great features for our little family and is much closer to shopping, the backyard is divine, plus the long driveway with carport actually has a gate so that increases our outdoor play space by a ton and lets not forget the garage is a 2 car with tandem. Ethan was in heaven. The kitchen has upgrades and yeah, no tile on the counters. No more grout!

Ok, my child has decided he isn't going to nap today. My sister had him this morning while we looked at houses and he fell asleep on the way home. That is never a problem except for the fact that he realized we were home already and that created mucho problemas for us. First he needed to see daddy, then I let him watch a short Baby Einstein to keep with our normal routine, and now he is upstairs telling me his nap is done and open the door mommy!

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Our Family of Four said...

The house sounds AWESOME! I hope you can get Ethan to give it a shot.

As for the suit... I actually bought one at Target this year. One of those tankini's but that covers the WHOLE belly, no need to show that off! It was $40 and I get tons of compliments. Not sure if they'll have much now but worth a shot.