Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can you handle the randomness of me today?

Well, on the sick front, I am feeling better. Apparently this is a 3-4 day cold, but as I said before, it knocked me out. Ryan not so much. I just don't get it. But then again, its kinda interesting (in a way) how viruses affect people differently. Like Ethan, he gets a headache and a runny nose, sometimes a scratchy throat. That is his definition of sick. He doesn't get congested so badly that his head feels like its gonna explode, or feel like he needs to lay down. Nope. He still usually goes to work, just feels kinda out of it. I am like a zombie. I learned a few years ago, after teaching and being exposed to a classroom that should be called a petri dish, that when you get sick you need to just lay on the couch all day. It really does help. I used to go to work because the kids needed me! And because they behaved terrible for subs and I was embarassed. But, after one long virus (2 weeks) where I was trying to hang in because it was the week before finals and we had to review (and they needed me), and Ethan was out of town on business, I just lost it. I couldn't function anymore, went to urgent care because I hadn't even had time to pick a doctor because I had only had "grown up insurance" for 3 months and BAM....I almost had pneumonia. I'm not exactly sure how it was almost, other than, the doctor said it was on its way to pneumonia. Then when you leave teaching and have an office job, there isn't the feeling that the world will end if you don't go to work. So, I used my sick days, stayed home and got better. Ofcourse, this is much harder to do with an almost 3 yr old, but luckily the last two afternoons one of my parents came to pick Ryan up so I could rest. I love it here! I've been laying on the couch, bag of used kleenex at my feet, drinking tea, and letting Ryan watch whatever was on Disney or Noggin or Sprout. I know, but really, it could be worse. And here it is day 3 and I can already breathe out of my nose. I spent more time today sitting up than laying down...and I ate two real meals (and Ryan did too). I'm keeping Ryan out of school tomorrow as a precaution and I'm proud of myself for being so caring of other people's health...but man, I'm paying for this preschool so I hope he is well for a good long stretch!

On to house info, because you will never get bored of that I'm sure. I found out today that we are still the top contender on the house around the corner. There are now a total of 6 bids which was news to me, but, they have asked the other 5 for their "best and final" but not us. I guess they were all way low. The realtor told our realtor for us to hang in there and we should know something in about another week. We were trying to figure out why they didn't "best and final" us and all we could come up with was that, since they already told us we were top bid, they didn't want to scare us away by asking us for more money. It seems we are still in a good place, but YOU JUST NEVER KNOW. Luckily, no new houses have come on the market that we are interested in.

And something that is rubbing me the wrong way. I don't want this to get political or religious or anything like that cuz I'm not like that. I'm friends with lots of different kinds of people and if you are coming from the right place, I'm usually ok with you. Last year when we were in Oregon on our rafting trip I read an article in USA Today because it said it was about someone from Oceanside, CA, where we used to live. I was curious, then bam, the name of the doctor that delivered Ryan was mentioned. I start freaking out thinking she's got a malpractice history but it wasn't that, it had to do with her not wanting to artifically inseminate a lesbian. I read the article, which was small, it bothered me, I told Ethan if I would have known that I wouldn't have selected her as my doctor (the case was very old) but didn't think alot about it. After a few weeks I mentioned it to one of the attorneys I used to work for just to see what he thought and to make sure she wasn't supposed to let me know about any pending cases. She wasn't.

So, fast forward almost exactly a year. I get an e-mail alert today from a San Diego news station (i like to keep up with my old hood) about the case. Apparently the California Supreme Court found in the patient's favor and I got a little more back story which irked me even more. So, the patient came to my doctor and her practice (i think there are 5 docs) for infertility treatment and IVF. She told them she was a lesbian at the beginning. They treated her for 11 months with all the prep stuff that has to be done AND TOOK HER MONEY. Then when it was time for the IVF they said they wouldn't do it because she wasn't married. Um, hello....CA law at the time would not let same sex couples get married. Everyone knew that. Then there was a story switch at some point and one of the two doctor's claimed some statute about religious beliefs and not wanting to treat a lesbian (he was fundamentalist christian). Wow.

Several things bother me, on many levels, but the first is that they took her money for all the prep stuff, and then told her no. I don't care if it was her personal money or her insurance...they should have said no up front. If you're gonna be an ass, be an ass up front. Maybe they wouldn't have gotten sued if they were honest. If it was me, I would have walked out of the office. Hell no I wouldn't want them treating me. Secondly, I didn't think your religion had anything to do with who you treat as a doctor. I know this wasn't a life threatening emergency, but you have to think about that and where this could lead. Someone is dieing in the ER and the doctor won't treat you because you're gay, or catholic, or whatever. NO. That is not ok.

I'm not sure why it bothers me so much, other than, I hate that someone that treated me was so unfair to someone else. I also know there are tons of kids out there that need good homes and everyone is gonna say the lesbians can just adopt, but I also know the desire to have your own biological child. Either way you look at it, the intent of the doctors was wrong. What did they expect her to say after 11 months of infertility treatment and preparation? Oh, ok, never mind. Sorry I'm not married. I guess I"ll just wait around until the courts decide who I am allowed to marry. See ya.

Ok, I usually dont get soapboxish. Sorry. I just expect extra tolerance from certain people, and doctors are included in that group.

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Our Family of Four said...

I'm totally with you... they didn't have to treat her but once they started they couldn't say no. Insurance will only pay so much and then there is the time and emotional impact... Also agree on the adoption thing. I know, been there done that! I REALLY wanted to be pregnant and just have that whole experience of seeing what the 2 of us could make. Doesn't make me love Maggie any less, actually makes the whole thing more interesting. With her it's the nature vs nuture argument playing out in front of my eyes. I swear if I didn' KNOW Mike was in Iraq at the time of her conception I'd wonder... she is SOOOOO much like him in personality! okay that was a long ramble :o)