Saturday, August 23, 2008

Don't talk to me I'm watching the Olympics!

Day 6 of being sick and I believe I am almost near kinda close to being ok. Sheesh. The bright light in this illness has been the Olympics. I usually don't watch anything but gymnastics because I was in gymnastcs for 8 yrs and I feel a bond with those girls. By no means was I doing flips on the beam (hell no) but still, I get it. I haven't left the house since last Sunday. I had to cancel a "Christmas in August" playdate at my house (i did not pick the theme so ignore it) and a meal I was supposed to take to a friend that just had a baby. In keeping my germ spreading to a minimum, I have been sleeping on the couch and watching Olympics to the ridiculous hours of the morning and getting no sleep--which is great when you are sick cuz you are not tired at all! I have become obsessed with sports I never cared about like swimming, and my mind is just boggled that trampoline is a sport--along with synchronized diving. I am so not sporty and I respect atheletes but wow, BMX is now an olympic sport. Ok. I'll watch. What else is on at 1am? And have you seen the Chinese play table tennis? The serves alone freak me out. I swear they are bouncing the ball off of themselves in some hidden move. Its insane.

I've realized I will watch any sport as long as its fast. I can't watch a whole basketball game...way too long, and I know there is something better on Style or TLC or HGTV. But, a few dives or a quick 100m race and I'm good. Here are a few of my observations thus fur:

1) I hate the new gymnastics scoring system--hate it
2) I do not understand the shape of the new is kinda creapy looking
3) Running is very hard and I won't be doing it
4) US women's beach volleyball = awesome
5) I saw a country get its first olympic medal ever and that was super cool
6) Even olympic athletes make rookie mistakes (stepping on the white line in track = bad)
7) A US pole vaulter got the silver medal after being in the sport for only 4 yrs and her coach was a total ass to her and that was not right and I hope he sees himself on video and feels BAD
8) BMX was basically a big pile of a crash and whoever doesn't fall basically gets some type of medal at the end
9) Why all the makeup in synchronized swimming?
10) Diving from a handstand is so dangerous looking
11) A lot of times the "favorites" don't even get a medal so pay attention to the under dogs

Well, I've got some cleaning up to do while Ryan and Ethan are at a car show. This is the first day I've felt up to moving around and the play room and family room are a mess. Ryan took out every toy he has and never put it back. Ethan was going to take a picture so I could post what the house looks like when mommy is sick. Maybe that was good for him to see. We don't have a spotless house, but I do a lot of "pick up" throughout the day. After a week without me picking up it was a war zone. Even the dogs were scared.

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Our Family of Four said...

Oh feel better soon! And I know what you mean about the cleaning... the maid left Friday night and by Sat afternnon the place was a wreck! Mean, I know, but it's true. I am getting soooo spoiled!