Thursday, August 7, 2008

Still homeless and hating PT

Technically our offered expired yesterday, but no one seems to care about that during this foreclosure craze. They like to get as many offers as they can, and they know that if it expires there are plenty of others who want the house. We, ofcourse, still want it, but it means it is time to start looking--again. One of my biggest obstacles right now is Ethan changing his mind about his "must haves." Once we realized the third car garage added about 30k to the price of a house he backed down, and we had been looking at 2 car houses. But then when the "favorite" house came on the market with a 3 car and long driveway (in our range), he was very excited. Now I'm not sure if he can let that go. He keeps saying there will be more, but I really just want to feel settled. We don't even know what happened with the house across the street where we were the #2 offer. Ethan didn't feel comfortable with making more than one offer at a time, until the time expired. Our realtor said it was fine, and that is what I wanted to do. Throw a bunch out there and see if any stuck. Since we seem to be waiting weeks to get any answers, that might be the only thing that works. California Real Estate contract...3 days...nah.

I still hate potty training. I now its MY problem and I need to deal with it. I know I don't have the patience and I need to get some. Can you buy patience anywhere? I just don't like how things can go so well, then BAM we regress. He even pooped on the potty yesterday-first time. I was so excited, he got a present and all was right with the world. Then he would not sit on the potty. He fought me, he cried. But, after many hrs he was still dry (in a pull up because we had errands). Then he pooped in a pull up, but told me right away to "get it out." Apparently sitting in poop is not as fun as it once was. 5 min after putting him in underwear he peed. Because I was making dinner and not in the mood anymore I put him in a pull up. Good idea since he pooped again!!! And today, I have dealt with poop in underwear and in a pull up, all within an hour. I am so close to throwing in the towel but I know he gets it. We just need more practice, which means, stay home, which is boring.

So, now we will head to the park in a pull up because they don't have a potty (but i imagine it would be nasty if they did).


Lizzie Fish said...

you didn't ask for it, but here's my two cents: ditch the pullups. it took us FOREVER to complete potty training b/c i used them during the day. well, that and i started way too freaking early. poopy pants are disgusting, believe me, i had two kids potty training at the same time, I KNOW, but it's gross for him, too. he CAN do it. so can you.

please pardon the unsolicited advice. =)

Brandi said...

I need and appreciate the advice. The only thing is that he has to wear pull ups to Preschool. He hadn't even peed on the potty when we signed him up and I am in no way confident after just a week to send him in underwear. But, I think you are right and the pull ups are confusing to them. I have noticed he doesn't pee in them. So, I'm only using them if we leave the house, but no more at home. I do not want a $300 carseat full of pee--that is my biggest fear. And, I did order him a travel potty like Flynns.