Friday, August 29, 2008

That's wonderful, a sinus infection

Sinus infections are not wonderful, but I had to throw that in yesterday because when I made Ryan some chocolate milk (his new fav) he said "that's wonderful mom." I think his teacher says wonderful a lot but it was so cute! And how at almost 3 yrs old had my child never had chocolate milk? We went to Burger King a few days ago and I got it for him in the kid's meal. He loved it! So yesterday when we hit up KFC (do not judge i am pregnant and my fridge is broken) he asked for chocolate milk but they didn't have it. Surprisingly enough I had chocolate syrup and made it myself. Yay mommy!

I went to my primary doctor yesterday and I do have a sinus infection. He said we were at the tricky stage because it had been 10 days since the cold started, and it could go either way. The only issue was that my other cold symptoms were gone, and he expected the sinus pain to be gone by now too. But, with a compromised immune system, who knows how long it could take my body to fight off the infection on its own. And then he threw out the latest studies at me about sinus infections. I know, most times they will clear up on their own, you just have to be miserable in the process. But for someone that used to get several a year, that really wasn't an option. Especially after having several x-rays that kept showing they were still there, and then finally having to go on a 30 day antibiotic regimen. I have my mom's sinuses. Anyway, I told him I could hold out a few more days and deal with the pain if he really thought it would clear up on its own. So, he gave me an antibiotic prescription and said to wait to pick it up. If I wasn't better by the weekend I should take it. They really don't want you taking meds when you are pregnant unless its absolutely necessary, and I understand that. So, I'm waiting. I think I actually feel a little better today.

I still have a raging cold sore though. He couldn't fix that :( And I hope his scale was off because it said I gained 5 lbs and my OB is gonna freak about that. I was wearing jean shorts, they are heavy, right? When she saw me at 5 wks she said I should only gain half a pound before she saw me again. Half a pound? I carry more of that in water. I know gaining 40lbs was too much last time, and I'm starting heavier so I need to be more careful. And my dad is a diabetic. So, I get all that. And I said this time I would be more active and I intend to, but the week after I saw her I got the cold from hell and am still recovering. There has been no activity. I haven't even done my blood test because I was sick. I really have done nothing.

Off to go look at refrigerators. I'm making nice little print outs for Ethan (cuz thats how the engineers like their info....oh, maybe i'll make a graph) so when we go shopping Saturday it will be easier.


Lizzie Fish said...

ooh! make a power point. do you want some help? we could totally scrapblog it! HA! because i'm SURE that would be GREAT for your engineer husband's mind! HAHA

and uh yeah. i said i'd gain 35 and i gained 50. again. just make sure you gain whatever you gain on super healthy food (no more KFC for you!!!) and your blood sugar should be okay. =)

Our Family of Four said...

Liz is right about the super healthy food part. I wouldn't worry about the rest. As for the sinus infection that really sucks! Or as they say here is S.A. "que pena". Not sure what to tell you on the drugs though. Guess it's safe if the doc gave it to you. Are you at 12 weeks yet? Okay, I'll stop trying to freak you out. My history lends itself to minor hysteria with pregnant chicks - ignore me.