Saturday, August 2, 2008

I stole a Meme

I stole this Meme from Boo Mama. It was fun and I had nothing else to say. Except, that Ryan has peed in the potty lots of times and we are HAPPY. I did have to clean up poop in the underwear once and I am NOT happy about that. I'm hoping my freak out will have scared him for life and it won't happen again. Oh, and house wise, no decision has been made yet. Ethan was pretty brain dead last night when I showed him the other house I like, plus we toured our "favorite" again, and saw the house around the corner for a second time. He was in San Diego all day Thursday and was just out of it on Friday. So, hopefully we will make a decision by Sunday, then start waiting all over again.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
August, 1998...I was getting ready to start my second phase/semester of my teaching credential. I think I spent that summer working at a YMCA day camp. I was living on my own for the first time or just finishing up living on my own and moved in with a friend. Things are kinda hazy. Ethan and I were almost engaged (Dec 1998) and he was almost through with his BS degree.

Favorite Snacks
cheese stick
cheese its
anything bad for you

To Do List

In general, I/we need to buy a house and deal w/ EVERYTHING that entails. There is also cleaning to be done and potty training to perfect (not for me) and laundry to put away--there is always laundry to put away and getting some exercise in is always a plus. Today, I hope to walk the dogs/take Ryan to the park, shower, and hang out with my boys.

Jobs I Have Had
Popcorn girl at the local pool, intern to a computer programmer, retail, after school program leader, YMCA, tutor, teacher, legal assistant
Places I Have Lived
California - Central (kind of Northern) and Southern
Bad Habits
poor eating choices, lazy cook, sometimes I nag, get frustrated easily
5 Random Things People May Not Know

1)I'm going to the New Kids on the Block concert in October
2) Ethan and I have known eachother since 6th grade because we had lockers by eachother
3) I am obsessed with veggie burritos
4) I am terrible at math and maps
5) I was in gymnastics for 8 yrs

CDs I would want if stranded on an island
Technically I would rather have books than CDs, but I would want Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium; Matchbox Twenty; Erasure; old Reba McEntire; David Grey and Megan Slankard

What I’d Do if I Were a Billionaire
1) Buy Ethan a new corvette, the fast one (i think its called a Z06) and I would even let him get that yucky color yellow w/ the black rims
2) Buy our "favorite" house and redecorate
3) Buy a condo near the beach/lake for vacations
4) Add to Ryan's college fund
5) Donate to charity, specifically cancer research and childhood diseases and animals
6) Let my mom retire
7) Buy more organic
8) Vacations!
9) Buy myself a "non mom" car
10) hire a trainer and go on weight watchers
11) books books books

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