Friday, August 8, 2008


Apparently we need to find a house that no one else wants. And if no one else wants it, there is a reason. But, I figure, that is the only way we are going to find a freakin house. Our favorite house and the house across the street where we were the #2, both went pending today. No notice from the other realtors. THANKYOUVERYMUCH. Its like all common courtesy is gone in this damn foreclosure/short sale market. Back to square 1. My parents were looking at a house also, and they found out the bank accepted an offer that was $17,000 more than the asking. I preferred the days when the asking price was the high, and you made an offer under that and after meeting in the middle you got the house. Done deal. Not all this crap.

Next. We had a fun playdate today for a kid in playgroup that turned 5. The sucky part was that 15 people were supposed to come, then most of them changed their RSVP at the last minute and there were only 3 of us. I know things come up, especially sick kids and I don't want sick kids coming to an event, but I'm pretty sure 12 kids didn't get sick over night. Luckily it was a bring your own lunch because if she had made lunch for everyone I would have felt terrible. But this way, there were more chocolate cupcakes for me :)

On a happier note, I'm having dinner tonight with a friend and that is always fun. Ryan will get some daddy time because ahem...he called a while ago and was leaving work before 5:00. I'm pretty sure I can count on one hand how many times that has happened in our entire marriage (9 yrs next week). So, the big decision for the night will be where to eat. I know, rough. I wish our town had more small restaurants because they are the best, but for some reason they have been building chain after chain. The good thing is we both like the chicken ranch sandwich at Chilis.

PAUSE - there is too much giggling in the other room

What did I find? Ryan pulling the dogs tail. He thinks its funny. Lucky for him she tolerates that, but will only tolerate it for so long. We are now having a time out in our crib. Yesterday he didn't take a nap, today he has been all over the dogs. Its just been that kind of a week. So, I hope next week is a little more relaxed. Its also Ryan's first day of preschool.


Lizzie Fish said...

OH i'm so sorry about the house! i can't IMAGINE 17k over asking! that is just crickety-crazy. i'm thinking - what housing crash? SERIOUSLY. i'm so sorry! hey i have an idea. why don't you move here to the swamp - it's not as windy and you can get the house you want for probably half the price you're bidding (which would make it like a third of the price that they're expecting you to pay.)'s humid and there is no beach or your families...but the housing market is easy cheesy. it's just an idea. =)

Our Family of Four said...

Sorry about the house, the market is nuts right now. I think prices since prices are down there are way more buyers which puts the prices back up a little. Hmmm, crazy how that works. The right house will come along just keep lookin'!

Judy said...

Brandi! That stinks. I am so sorry!
You know we are in the same boat and I totally feel your pain. They took a financed offer $30K over our cash offer/the list price. It's ridiculous. It's greed and I hate it.
We are withdrawing today at 4 if the bank doesn't come back with an answer. We have another regular resale as a backup. Thank Goodness. No banks to deal with!
Hang in there. I will be thinking of you guys as we continue down the same road! You are not alone. =)