Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Do I talk about anything besides houses and poop?

Not lately. Sad. But, that is our life right now, so that is what you get. We made another offer Sunday on our favorite house. We should hear by Wednesday evening. I have a feeling there will be some type of bidding war, and we are not willing to go much higher. We made our offer as attractive as possible and can't do much more than that. There is another house waiting in the wings with Ethan's dream bathroom of totally separate sinks and closets, but it does not have the 3 car garage. A big plus is that its 2 doors down from Ryan's preschool. That would be super convenient and the house is great inside, if you don't care about the garage :)

Ryan is still doing fantastic on the potty when it comes to pee. He even told me for the first time today he had to go. The poop is still an issue and I'm about ready to outlaw underwear until a poop happens because I am tired of cleaning it up. TIRED. We are still working on our "aim" when we pee, so there has been lots of cleaning the floor and washing of bath mats. For some reason, the aim is only an issue when I'm around, because it doesn't happen with daddy, grandma or auntie. Is my kid trying to purposely pee on me? Say it isn't so.

"Say it isn't so" just put that old Hall & Oats song in my head which will annoy me all day, except I think it replaced a song from the kid's show Hi-5 on TLC. Does anyone watch that? I hate it, but realized it does have some educational value, but the songs...oh my. The songs stay in my head forever, which I guess is the point. If you have nothing to watch in the morning, turn on TLC and watch. Ryan loves Paz the penguin, and he is on a few minutes before Hi-5.


McCoyFamily said...

It took Patrick forever to poop on the potty... I finally asked the pedatrician why Patrick wouldn't go poop but was peeing like a champ he said try a potty chair (yuck!) when there feet touch the ground they do better pushing then give him a book try the book everybody poops so I went home and tried everything he said what do you know he went on the potty now I bribe him with frozen yogurt pops he is still pooping like a champ but regressing on pee... I'm just dazed and confused about the whole process so I understand what your going through....Best of Luck with the house and your poop issues:)

Judy said...

Brandi! We are always in the same boat, I swear! Have you heard about the house? We thought we'd hear tonight too, but it turns out it may be as late as Monday. If we don't hear anything by Monday, we are withdrawing our offer. We too have one waiting in the wings. Apparently there are several offers in on this one as well. Blech!

Ryan and Molly are a month apart (exactly, if I remember correctly)...so you are doing pretty well. We are JUST starting the PT. You give me hope! AND MCCOY TOO! =)

Hang in there. Sorry the comment is so long.

Judy said...

Oh, I forgot-Hi-5 is so cheesy. My oldest brother with the 4 kids showed it to me once. They never watch TV in his house (I think it's because they have each other to entertain), but they watch this show and the kids love it but it makes the adults nuts. He said he can only stomach it because of the cute blond. =)