Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our fridge is trying to kill us and I have no immunity

No doubt on Saturday you will see us at the Labor Day sales buying a new fridge. This has been, oh I don't know, 9 yrs in the making. We have NEVER had a new fridge. The original fridge from the house we rented when we got married was left in the house by the previous tenants, who were our friends. I believe they bought it for $200 at a used appliance store. At some point when we still lived in Sacramento, Ethan decided to switch it with a fridge that was in his building at work. The building was being cleaned out. He thought it was a "better" fridge and switched it. Or as I call it, stealing from the government. Whatever. It was not better. This fridge has traveled with us through all of our moves, and back here to Northern Cali. Best guess is that its early 1980s. I'm talking apartment size fridge, maybe 18 cubic ft. It has been a thorn in my side since we bought our house in Oceanside because it was white and all of our new appliances were black. The horror! Mr. Practical didn't care because hello, it still worked. And yes, technically it did work. But I spent many a night on the couch when I was pregnant with Ryan (hey, its happening again this time too) and had to listen to the humming, thumbing, and clicking noises.

A few months ago, we almost had to buy one. I went and priced them because everything was freezing, no matter what temperature we set. Then, just as I had Ethan worn down, it was fine. I secretly think he has magical fridge powers. I know he doesn't want to spend the money, but we had already agreed to buy a new one once we moved so its going to have to happen eventually. Then, in the last month, it has been popping. It kinda sounds like July 4th. Then the freezer started making stalagtites/mites (i get them confused) and everytime you open the freezer chunks of ice just fall at your feet. Ridiculous.

But the straws that broke the camels back were Tuesday when I was supposed to make the lasagna for my friend and the mozzarella smelled weird. It wasn't supposed to expire til October, and I knew it was the fridge. Then last night, the pork chops....oh god, don't even make me go there. I will gag. The fridge is obviously not keeping the food cold enough and its time to go. Sears is having an appliance sale, Home Depot, and I'm sure Best Buy. So, we'll be there. I have convinced Ethan to pay extra for stainless because it will match whatever is in the house we buy. Match as in close enough, because I would be mad if we bought white and moved into a house with black appliances. At least stainless will look nice no matter what. And the house around the corner that we are waiting on has all stainless.

I've been doing lots of research online about how your immune system is down when you are pregnant. I am living proof of that. The cold I had last week that lasted FOREVER is still lurking in the form of sinus pain. I need to go to the doctor, its probably a sinus infection, except it feels different from the others I've had--and I've had plenty. But, I can't keep popping tylenol so something has to be done. I'll probably call my primary today and see what I can do. Then last night I got a lovely cold sore. I haven't had one in years. Years. Did some research and its another immunity compromise from pregnancy. I'm a walking disease over here, not to mention the terrible taste in my mouth that won't go away, the heartburn, and all know.

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