Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great news!

Some good things have been happening to us, and around us, and I thought it was time to let everyone know and be thankful. In no particular order...

1) Nikki's liver values came back NORMAL. She does not have liver cancer!!! Such a relief that our Nikki Sue is ok. I'm so glad we don't have to deal with thinking about losing her right now. We just love her too much and would never let her suffer, so its good to get confirmation she is A-Ok. She did have one elevated level, but the vet said that is from her arthritis. Shelby also got a check up because of some lumps we found on her, and we wanted to weigh her because we knew she had dropped some pounds. 20 lbs! She is actually at her ideal weight right now, the same weight we got her when she was 1 yr old. We did a senior blood panel on her to make sure there wasn't anything bad that is making her lose weight. The vet said 20lbs in a year is fine, but we think it might have been more recent. I remember a difference when she started the prozac. But, some other things changed around that time too. They had their little "episode" where they tried to kill eachother, hence the prozac. We changed a few things around that time, like Ryan not being able to eat at his little table. So, she is definately getting less of Ryan's food, and Nikki all of a sudden decided to finish her food. She has always been a snacker and it is hard to manage a dog who snacks w/ another dog who would eat 100 meals a day. The vet aspirated the lumps and they were just fatty tissue, most likely had them before and we just couldn't see them. Now that she is skinny they are more noticeable. So, as long as her blood works comes back ok then I have myself 2 health, but old dogs :)

2) My friend Liz had her baby. Yay! Gabrielle Rose is a cutie. Everyone that reads this probably knows Liz, so I don't have to say much other than she is super nice, and helpful, and just a good person to have as a friend. I know you are too busy to read this Liz, but congrats to you and the family. I wish I could have gotten to know you even better before I moved, but I enjoy learning about you and the family via the blog.

3) It's our 9 yr anniversary today! Last year I did a superb blog about how great Ethan is. He loved it. Then there was a bit of a mess because he never gave me my card. Supposedly it is still in the glove box of his truck--if it was ever there at all. We're keeping it pretty low key this year. No big rafting trips. Ryan's playgroup has their 2 year anniversary on Saturday and they are having a luau, then we're going to Ruth's Chris for dinner. YUM. All I can say is that we're in for a busy 9th year with some big changes ahead and I can't wait. Thanks for making me laugh and for loving Ryan and I. When we stick together good things happen.

4) Happy Birthday Paisley! I keep meeting more and more people whose birthday is Aug 14th.

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Lizzie Fish said...

brandi! you are SO SWEET!

thanks! =)

and happy anniversary to you! =)