Monday, November 17, 2008

6 ounces

I was reading in one of my pregnancy books that at about this time my boobs would have gained about 6 ounces. That is a big fat no. I had to go to Lane Bryant to buy bras this weekend because even the maternity extenders weren't working on my regular bras. Luckily there was a sale so I got some for $16.99 and 19.99 which is good. But...uh...let's just say I went up an entire cup, and 2 width sizes. Oh yes. And I'm 20 wks on Wednesday. With Ryan I went up a cup size but never width. I don't think Lane Bryant carries a bigger cup size than what I bought. This could get very scary indeed. Another motivation for me to lose weight after the baby is that maybe my boobs will shrink back down to a more normal earthly size.

Ethan is on a packing frenzy and it is cracking me up. He has never helped before, unless it was packing or unpacking the office--mainly to set up the computer. I remarked that the $4k estimate must have really scared him and his reply was that he was never around to help when we moved. Apparently he forgot all of the moves but the second one. Our first move was from a rental house to a house we bought across the street and I know he did not pack. When we moved from Sacramento to Oceanside he was already working in Carlsbad and living there for a month before I came. I supervised the movers. He flew back on a Friday night, and we got in the car Saturday morning with the animals and drove back. A little over a year after renting a house in Rancho del Oro we bought our house. Another move...don't think he packed anything. It is true he is the muscle behind the moves so he does deserve credit for that. We had professional movers last time (paid by the company). So even though he thinks he wasn't around to help (nice try) he was for all but one, which was a company paid move.

The good news is that the office and guest room are packed. The bad news is that anything I set aside was also packed. He packed the hallway linen closet, along with all of Ryan's medicines. Why he didn't think that it might be a good idea to at least leave some motrin out, I don't know. He knows Ryan gets raging fevers and we need to be prepared. He told me the box was easy to get to so I asked him to get the motrin so I could give Ryan a dose before his flu shot know he didn't. There is no way I can get to the box either. I"m looking at them right now. Maybe if I was spider woman and could climb to the top which is almost to the ceiling.

We are supposed to get a formal estimate this week. Since we have already done two rooms, and weren't planning on having the movers pack the play room, I think we've decided to get a quote for them packing the kitchen and moving all the furniture. I think we can do the rest with Ethan's truck and my dad's truck. plus some help from other family members. My dad has agreed to paint the purple room which is going to be Ryan's room. I told Ethan and I thought he would be excited because he hates to paint. Apparently his idea to get out of painting was to put Ryan in the other bedroom and call it a day. I guess the room assignment discussion did not register very long in his brain. When I mentioned that his idea would possibly put a baby boy into a bright purple room it did throw a wrench in it. And, even if we are having a girl the color is too bright for me anyway, but I do like purple....much better than pink. So, painting will happen. I don't know why I am discussing logistics with him. I'm going to be the one home and coordinating movers and carpet cleaners and whatever else needs to be done.

Ok, something that makes me happy :) If you are going to be pregnant anytime soon, you need to check out Old Navy. I have been anti Old Navy jeans for a while, due to the fact that their sizing is CRAZY. Their lengths are never the same, even on the same cut of jean. For cheap jeans I like the Ana brand at JC Penney. Anyway, my mom had a 30% off coupon for Old Navy so we were there raiding the clearance for stuff for Ryan next year. They had some cute maternity trouser jeans with no panel. They are stretchy with a regular waist, and have small panels on the side. THEY WERE WONDERFUL. I will definately be able to wear them after baby and not be embarassed that I'm wearing maternity jeans. They did have some panel jeans but they were like low rise and then the panel...they were weird.

Time to get ready for Ryan's flu shot. Poor guy has been once a month since August. The virus with high fever and swollen gums, the weezing, the bronchitis and now the flu shot and his 3 yr check up. Let's hope they haven't run out of lollipops.


Our Family of Four said...

First, LOVE the new title. Second, the part about the boobs - VERY funny! I know I went up 2 cup sizes with Max and really, boobs are the last place I gain weight, sadly, so I can see the average gal making HUGE strides in that department! Ehtan must be happy ;o) Third, go buy some Motrin and skip the box... you know you'll use it. And Finally, yeah for Ethan packing! So nice when hubbies help once in a while.

Judy said...

Good tip about Old Navy-I don't usually go for their jeans either. I'll have to share that with my preggers friends-it seems like everyone I know is having a baby these days!


Kalyn said...

Thanks for the Old Navy tips... although, I can't say that I will be needing them anytime soon! :) Hahaha!!!