Thursday, November 20, 2008

A few good things about having no water

1) can't do dishes
2) can't do laundry
3) you can pretend you were going to make a very fancy meal that required lots o'water but couldn't and then you make your son have Mac n Cheese and your husband a frozen pizza

The water meter leak is finally fixed. I had to call the property management AGAIN...what a surprise. The poor guy was here for 5 hrs and I had no water all that time. I was very nice and accomodating to him, though I think he was irritated he was the one sent out. I clipped a rose bush that was in his way, I offered him tools, when it got dark I brought out our huge spotlight, I offered him bottled water. My favorite was when he said he had to go to the hardware store and he would TRY to be back. Awesome. At some point he had to call in reinforcement and the city came out. I think he called the after hours emergency number, who knows. They will be paying a pretty penny for that! By 7:00pm he was done and we had water.

The other good news is that we have homeowner's insurance. Trust me, we thought of not telling them about the dogs. The dog question is new. Ethan doesn't remember them asking in 2002 when we bought our other house, or if they asked they didn't care that we had boxer mixes. We consider ourselves super responsible pet owners. We don't leave them in the backyard while we are gone. So, any damage they do is to our things. They aren't outside barking. They spend most of their time inside with us and that usually involves some type of laying down or licking. But, because we know that they are not social with other dogs and because they have a history of food agression around eachother, we wanted to be protected if for some reason they were to get out, or if a kid got hurt. Kids can be very persistant with dogs and though I put them upstairs when we have playdates, you just never know. I think most dog bites to kids occur when they are pestering the animal but still, it is our responsibility.

Farmers did not have a breed exclusion, but at a very high price. Another lady I talked to was super nice and she said to send pictures of the dogs so her underwriter could check them out. I was nervous and trying to find a good picture that didn't make Shelby look so huge and not show so much of her pit mix, but it all worked out. They were approved with no problem!

I also had a surveyor from a moving company come yesterday. I was super busy. Luckily for me MIL came to watch Ryan, but he was clingy and was all about mommy. Anyway, the estimate was for about 2k which is much nicer, but that did include us doing a lot of stuff for ourselves. I am waiting for the go ahead from Ethan to set that up. Its $140 an hr for 3 guys and a truck. The other costs are in fuel charges, insurance, and materials costs. Those darn boxes are pricy.

I got a lot accomplished, at least on paper yesterday. I have a feeling this weekend will be full of more packing. We're also hoping to go see Twilight. I am excited for that, and Ethan said he would see it because it has vampires. He really doesn't know the story line but I"m not going to tell him its more of a teen romance. If I do that I'll be stuck at the 007 movie and I can wait on that :)


Judy said...

You know, I didn't even think of having the dogs on the policy because of liability of aggression. That's a smart idea. Leo is great with other dogs and humans as long as they are not male...;)

Glad you got a policy. It's not long now and you'll be in your new home for the holidays. YAY! =)

McCoyFamily said...

I cann't wait to hear what Ethan thinks of Twilight:)