Tuesday, November 4, 2008


VOTE! Please vote so this whole election will be over with. I cannot imagine how draining it is on the actual candidates and their families cuz I'm worn out and have done nothing. This will be my first time at the polls because I usually vote absentee. Luckily I just have to walk down the street. And I say this and truly mean it, just vote, I don't care if you are voting against the candidate I'm voting for, I'd rather you vote the opposite of me than not vote at all. If we all meant that maybe there would be more understanding in this crazy world. I know Ethan's vote cancels out my vote, but I vote anyway. Its really hit me lately that not everyone can vote the way we can. SO GO ROCK YOUR VOTE. Be proud of your vote, and if your candidate doesn't win, give the other guy a chance. The job is brutal.

House...drum roll....we got it! Our offer expired at 5:00 last night and around 3:00 our agent called. She had some news. Apparently another offer came in at closer to what they wanted (can't go into all the details) but they gave us the opportunity to come up in price because we were there first, and because they know our agent. It does pay to know people. Ethan knew I wanted the house and didn't need much convincing. I'm just glad its over. Now he is in stress mode because he is the $ guy and all THAT stuff falls to him. It was a tense few hours because I couldn't get a hold of him and they needed an answer ASAP, but it all worked out. If the inspections go well, looks like we'll be moving in about 30 days. Another holiday move.

Ryan is getting better, but not 100% yet. The antibiotics worked great at getting whatever bacteria he had that made him cough, but he still has lingering cold symptoms--the original start of this whole deal. He still needs the albuterol and cough medicine at night, and wakes up several times. Whether its not feeling well or it has just turned into a habit, I don't know. I was up 4x last night, 3 of them were every hour. I AM TIRED. The bags under my eyes prove it. We decided to store the bed on Sunday, which was a good move. Now we can just take it straight to the new house. No reason to lug it up stairs here, put it together, then take it down again. I e-mailed our sleep consultant an update on Ryan. I do it every year around his birthday and she said he was going to bed too late and that was why he started waking up a lot at night again. This started way before he got sick. So, after he is sick we need to re-think bed time. I keep thinking, I'm going to be getting up with an infant in about 5 months and I'd rather not be getting up with the 3 yr old too.

Time for me to shower so I can drop of the check at escrow.


Our Family of Four said...

YEAH on the house!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed this inspection goes well.

As for Ryan - he is one tough nut to crack! I thought Max had some sleep issues but he is taking it to an all new level. Maybe you'll have a lucky second baby like me who LOVES to sleep and by 9 weeks you'll be home free.

McCoyFamily said...

Congratulations on the house.. I am so excited for you guys!!!

Judy said...

YAY for the house! Congratulations!! Hope the inspection goes well. =)