Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow (assuming baby cooperates) we get to find out if Ryan is going to have a brother or sister. Time really is going by fast. I will be 21 weeks and am already half way done. My gut says girl, just because when I think of the baby its a girl and I think in the "she" frame of mind, but the ultrasound I had at the doctor's office at 18 wks makes me think boy due to the "that could be a labia or scrotum." Sure looked like a penis to me. I guess we'll leave it to the professionals.


McCoyFamily said...

I hope baby cooperates:)

Our Family of Four said...

yeah so exciting!

Anna said...

aw i hope your baby cooperates! we got to find out both times and its always so fun! i have no idea how people actually wait until delivery!