Thursday, November 6, 2008

Woo hoo

I got a high 5 from the doc. 2 lbs in the last month, for a total of 10 so far. Not bad for 18 wks. She asked if I was proud of myself, and I kinda am, though I do miss the french fries. I keep telling myself its less to lose later, but at the same time, this is most likey (pretty much definately) my last pregnancy and I would rather not be preoccupied with weight. She did an ultrasound but it was so fuzzy. I'm glad they do the big ones at the hospital. I have terrible spatial skills so everytime she pointed stuff out I just couldn't figure out why that body part was where it was. I need to see the head first, then go down. I am pretty sure our baby is a frog because the legs were bent and then all of a sudden they flew out, like a frog jumping. And those were the longest baby legs I have ever seen. Long. When I told Ethan he said "better long legs than a big head." True. So true. We had a great open leg view, but it was blury. I saw something, but she was quick to say it could be a scrotum or, not helpful. Had she not said that I would have thought it was a penis, but she did not say penis. Now a little part of me is thinking boy, but then again, I have never seen girl parts on an ultrasound. 2-3 more weeks and then we do the one at the hospital, then we'll pay for a 3d/4d later on for some extra confirmation and totally cool photos.

Maternity clothes shopping is so not as fun the second time around. I remember wanting to wear maternity clothes way before it was necessary. Now, I'm pushing it off as long as possible. I wore some under the belly capris and shorts for comfort but now, there is no getting around it. I had a gift card for Motherhood so I grudgingly went a few days ago. I thought I should get some jeans since the two pair I have (one Old Navy one Motherhood) are under the belly and for some reason are annoying me, and they are tight in the thigh. Apparently I have moved up in size. Lovely. I also need some long sleeve shirts, nothing fancy. The girl was very nice and helpful but its hard for me to get excited about buying clothes that I'm going to wear for 5 months and then NEVER want to look at again. I don't mind paying $25 for jeans, but I tend to keep my clothes for years. I see a purpose in that. Its like these are almost disposable, though I'll give them away and I know someone will use them. I should say that if anyone is planning to get pregnant soon, you need to check out their Secret Fit jeans. I am not a fan of the belly panel, it feels too constricting and makes me itch, but this is NEW and Fabulous. I is very sheer and light, and you can roll it under your belly if you want. It was a definate find. So, I walked out of there with a pair of petite jeans I can wear with flats, a regular pair for boots, and 2 tshirts = $100. Not bad, but then I realized one of the "t-shirts" that has roushing ont he sides cost the same as the jeans. Come on now. Yes, the shirts are brown and black. Do not start on me about having color in my life.

Pest inspection today, house inspection Friday. Oh, and Ryan's big family party is Saturday. Still have not ordered the food...

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McCoyFamily said...

Great Job on the weight...Your a stronger woman than I am!