Thursday, November 13, 2008

Movers are expensive

We have been professionally moved before, and man was that nice. We didn't have to deal with picking the company or anything like that. I told them when to show up and we moved. Gotta love it when the company pays for it. Well, Ethan's company already paid to move us out here, so its on us. And I know, I really know, how it makes everything easier. Just not sure its $4k easier! Holy moly! Or holy kamoly as Ryan would say. We're just moving across town. I want to say it was only 5k when we moved from Sacramento to Oceanside. Its by the hour, and thats fine, but then there is a fuel charge and another tax and a blah blah blah. My aunt was in the travel and relocation department of a major lab for over 20+ years. She gave me some contacts, and that was the $4k. Who knows what it would have been without the aunt discount. So, I really think this is on us. Hopefully I can convince Ethan to pay our entire rent for December and we can pace ourselves, and not try and cram it into a few days. Hello, we've got Thanksgiving and Christmas coming!

Did I mention Ryan is off track? Yeah. I am really missing my 6 hrs a week of alone time. He has been singing songs from school constantly and I think he is missing school too. His version of Twinkle Twinkle is hilarious. He has not been too helpful with some of the packing I started either. I made a box of baby toys to keep, stuff he got for his 1st birthday about and he doesn't really play with. He keeps taking stuff out of the box and saying "mom look at" Toys go out and in that box all day. The other problem is that we have nowhere to store any of the boxes I pack. I'm also donating some toys he never really played with or that annoyed me, and he keeps finding those too.

I should go pack, but I think I have some good stuff on Tivo instead. I took a nap yesterday and that was a big mistake, so I'm going to push through this afternoon and not nap. I didn't got to bed last night til 12:30, and then about 15 min later, just as I was falling asleep, Ryan woke up. His new standard is waking up about once at night. If I let him cry he starts the cough. Stupid asthma. Last night when I went in he told me he missed me. It almost made me cry so I sat in the chair with him and held him for a little bit, thinking of the song "You're gonna miss this." I had just heard it on the CMAs and while I don't think I will miss waking up at night, for what seems like years, nor will I miss 5 years straight of diapers (ok, i'm hoping #2 is better at potty training but it could realistically be 6), I will miss him being small enough to sit on my lap and knowing that I bring him comfort. I will miss knowing he thinks mommy and daddy can fix anything and that we are his favorite people. All to soon we are going to be annoying to him and his life will revolve around friends. So, last night I thought about that at 1am, eventhough I hadn't been to sleep yet, as I sat in the chair with him and he fell asleep almost instantly, and kept him close and safe because how can you not love that face.

Oh...Ethan cleaned our shower. I love him.


Anna said...

I love that song and remind myself often when I am feeling too rushed. It makes me slow down and enjoy the stage we are at in life. Because you bet, one day all our children will be grown and we'll have an empty home, and you can bet we're gonna miss this! :) Thank you for sharing! And keep on snuggling that sweet boy!

Our Family of Four said...

I might sent Max and Maggie to school ALL DAY starting in January. So I know what you mean. It already makes me sad - I am going to miss them.

As for the move, what about hiring for the big stuff like furniture and you guys move the boxes. That's what we did when we had to pay ourselves once.

McCoyFamily said...

When I moved from Fl to PA a long time ago I hired some workers from a moving company to help get everything in a Uhaul truck that I rented it was a lot cheaper plus it's alot easier unloading it yourself if you have someone to help load the truck...Good Luck!