Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our first urgent care visit and Happy Birthday Ryan

Ryan's runny nose turned into a terrible cough on Friday morning. It lasted all day and was pretty constant. No meds worked so around 7pm we went to Urgent Care. I figure our first visit took 3 yrs so that is pretty good. It seems that the asthma makes a regular old cold much worse. I was worried about the cough getting worse over night so it was worth the $20 co pay to see if there was anything to be done. Ryan was running a 101 temp, which isn't too high for him, since his normal is around 99.5, but its still something. The nurse took his temp in his mouth, first time ever, and he didn't even close it. She tried to tell him his temp was 99.8 and I just laughed at her.

The doctor said his lungs were clear, but that with the way it sounded and wasn't letting up, he was worried about bronchitis, especially with the possibility of asthma (which i'm pretty sure is a given from now on). He prescribed antibiotics, but no cough meds because all the good ones have codeine and he is too young for that--darn. He said to keep using the albuterol (which i had already tried once). By the time we picked up dinner, got home and put him in a steaming shower, it was 9:00. The antibiotic, along with the albuterol and cough medicine seemed to do the trick. He woke up a few times, but not coughing. It was his normal "i need help with my blanket" or "hold me in the chair." I said he could come lay with us, then regretted that when it took him 2 hrs to fall asleep after trying to sing songs and play drums on the headboard.

Today has been much better. He is hardly coughing at all, hasn't had any cough medicine since 2:30 am. He'll get another dose of antibiotic tonight. He's had one dose of albuterol, boy does it make him hyper. I can deal with a runny and stuffy nose. The constant cough broke my heart. He couldn't even eat. He would just cough up whatever he put in his mouth. Not to mention his coughing put my gag reflexes into overdrive. What a birthday!

We had birthday breakfast at my parents' house and he got to open his cool new mini bosch tool set. He loves it and has been "fickazing" everything in sight. Tomorrow we pick up his big boy bunk beds and we are trying to decide if we want to put them in storage or go ahead and make the transition. I'm a little worried about doing it when he is sick, plus, there is a chance we could move in 30 days so it would be easier to store them and only have to put them up once.

As for the house, we countered and now we wait. We did find out they showed the home to another couple yesterday who supposedly "loved" it and are gonna make an offer. I hope that as just a ploy to get us to do something. They also have an open house planned for Sunday. We think our counter is fair. If they get something higher, we know we lose it. I'm trying to be positive and if its the right house for us it will all work out.

Now, it is my nap time.


Our Family of Four said...

Okay, the waiting is KILLING ME so it must be making you nuts. I'm still crossing my fingers. I say wait a bit on the beds and see if the house comes through. Hope he feels better soon - happy birthday Ryan!!!!

McCoyFamily said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ryan We hope all your dreams come true and you start feeling better real soon:)