Sunday, November 23, 2008

Woud you believe

that we had another leak? Ok, not on the magnitude of the water meter leaking into the street for 4 days and having no water, just a constant drip in the downstairs bathroom sink. It would fill up a gallon pitcher within 2 hours so it wasn't small. Ethan worked late the night I found it, I think Thursday night, but he took a quick look and said to call the property manager. NO FREAKIN WAY. I called my dad and he fixed it in about 5 minutes, then took Ryan to his house so I could meat with my nexting packing surveyor alone. I was embarassed about my mess of a kitchen but I explained I had just went through a period of no water, and we had cooked the night before so...anytime anyone cooks here it equals a mess. I swear my dishwasher is smaller than normal. Anyway, the estimate was even lower than the first. The guy threw in a discount. Yay for knowing people in the biz! Ethan is going to try and save us about $400 and pack up the kitchen. As long as I'm not the one doing it I don't really care, except for he already packed up my cookbooks and I was supposed to make beef and rice caserole tonight and I cook by the book. That just reminded me of "you kiss by the book"....Romeo and Juliet.

Saturday I went to a Christmas tea with my mom and her friend. It benefits the local hospital. Then we did some shopping. I was having new bedding issues and my poor mom is suffering because it is supposed to be a Christmas present from her. I found a great black and cream with a small stripe of red at Target, but that required our furniture to be painted black. Said painting cannot be done by me for a while due to my "condition" and after that I'm pretty sure I won't have the time til both kids are in college! Ethan told me "good luck" which is his way of saying NO. NEVER. My mom said my dad would do it but once the furniture is moved to the new house I really don't see it making its way downstairs anytime soon, plus not having dressers or a bed could be an issue. So, with a heavy heart I scrapped that idea and moved onto the brown and blue/teal motif. I hope it doesn't go out of style. I looked high and low and finally found something, though honestly, nothing is going to look super fantastic with rustic pine in my eyes, other than flowers and WE HAVE DONE THAT TO DEATH.

Bed Bath and Beyond had a great set but it was $200. Just seems pricy since I have been known to change my mind on those kinds of things...what happens if I decide to paint the furniture next year? I would feel terrible that my mom spent that $. Then we found an huge set with 2 sheets, all kinds of shams, throw pillows, valances. It was a SET. It would have been about $150 on sale. We looked at bathroom towels and accessories because you might as well do the bathroom too. I am a bit bored of the green anyway, I think I've had some form of a green bathroom in every apartment/house. Plus, the downstairs bathroom is already painted green so I can transfer my stuff down there. Then I get a call from my mom this morning "have you seen the Target ad?" They had a very similar set, not so many extras, for $55. And as I was looking through the Target ad I noticed they had some games on sale, Ethan noticed a great gift for our nephew, it just couldn't get any better!

Luckily the bed set was nice looking and feeling. It just wasn't cotton and scratchy. I grabbed the only king left since I like my comforters big, and called my mom to tell her I was getting it. Then she had me buy extra games for Ryan to keep at her house. $4 games! Also in the ad was the phone we were thinking of upgrading to but Verizon is a pain with that. Ethan has the main line so his upgrade was $49 for that phone, mine was $69. Totally fair, right? That is the online price, it is even more in the store. We got the phones at Target for $39 each and it took all of 5 seconds. We did have to go to the Verizon store to get help setting them up and the lady had a bit of a tude because we didn't buy the phone there but hey, I shop where the deals are. I am my mom's daughter. It was very productive. Now mistake lasagna (beef and rice caserole) is in the oven, Ryan should be home soon from playing with auntie, and I'm tired.

That is Ryan in his halloween costume at our play group carnival. Since he didn't get to trick or treat this is all I have. You can't see the tail but he was a dinosaur.

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