Monday, November 10, 2008

Room assignments

The house inspection went well on Friday, so everything should go through as planned. We didn't expect anything major in a house that is 6-7 yrs old, but you never know. It was the same inspector from the last house, and he kept joking that it was a terrible house and we should have kept the water damaged house, LOL. He said try as he did, he couldn't find one thing with the downstairs bathroom. He told us one of the bedroom closets was missing the track on the bottom, and that they are about $.39 at Home Depot and Ethan threw up his hands and said "that's it, we are backing out!" It really was funny. So, I think our biggest expense will be getting two windows fixed. They are dual pane, but have cracks in just one of the panes. Because the are on the stationary part of the window the entire window needs to be replaced. No idea how much that will cost, but the inspector said we could get a glass guy to come out and remove the cracked pane, and leave it a single pane til we were ready to pay for new windows. GOOD IDEA! There were other small random things like one of the sinks in the master didn't have a faucet. I have a feeling she used it as a make-up area, and didn't want someone turning the water on, but who knows. There also were some bonuses. We had only seen the house once, and it was getting dark then. It has a whole house vacuum which is awesome for the hard wood downstairs, a pantry in the kitchen I totally missed, and tons of shelves and cabinets in the garage for Ethan. Time to get packing.

We are getting quotes from movers, just to see if its worth it. Well, we know its worth it, but we need to see if its affordable with Christmas coming up, etc. We have started to pack a few boxes. The next thing is room assignments. Ethan is very "whatever" about this, but I think its CRUCIAL. One of the things we wanted was to make sure the kids rooms were away from the master. Its hard when they are small, but honestly, a few years down the road and everyone is going to want their space. We made the mistake of putting Ryan right next to us at this house, sharing a wall. He can hear us, we can hear him. I hate that we have to walk by is door to go into our room every night. It is literally 2 steps from our door to his. I can hear him roll over in his crib if he hits the side. No joke. We have a wooden bed rail and if you stand in his room with the door closed you can hear someone roll over in our bed.

There are a few ways to lay it out since we have a 5th bedroom. There are 4 bedrooms upstairs and one down. There is a full bath downstairs w/ a shower. The current owners use it as an office and Ethan mentioned he liked their set up. Fine by me. I hate having to go upstairs to use the computer anyway. Plus, after the baby gets here, it would be nice to be able to run in and check e-mail really quick downstairs while I'm doing other things. We discussed making that room a playgroom so we could close the door and not have to pick up EVERY SINGLE DAMN TOY before we leave the house (plastic eating dogs) but then the office would have to combine with the futon/guest room/craft desk and Ethan is not a big fan of that. I hear him. He doesn't ask for much.

So, I think we've decided the playroom will be in the formal dining room since we prefer the eat in kitchen style. The formal living and dining room is a very large space, but we don't think Ryan needs the entire area so hopefully we can keep him in the dining area. Its right off the kitchen and he can be easily monitored, better than the layout we have now. That just leaves the bedroom situation.

The master is right as you go up the stairs, there is a bedroom next door on the right, but the common wall is the master closet and toilet area, not the actual bedroom. Still, about 2 steps out the door and just too close for me. I think that will be our guest room with my craft desk and whatever else we store in there. Honestly, we've only had one guest in 2 yrs. I use the futon myself when its too hot and I want the fan on, or if Ryan is sick and he is in our bed and Ethan can sleep on the futon. I've also decided when we're gone that will be the room the dogs have access to upstairs, instead of our room. Tired of them sleeping on my bed all day.

There are two other bedrooms down the hallway, they are fairly far apart, and the wall they share is closets on both sides. I'm thinking of putting Ryan in the farthest room, and the baby in the middle. They are both across from the bathroom. This way I won't have to walk by Ryan's room going into the baby's room at night, but it also means we'll have to walk by the baby and do bath while he/she is sleeping, assuming Ryan goes to bed later. Can't really fix that, other than having Ryan take a bath in our room. In a few years after all the sleep stuff is taken care of, I think it is the best solution. Now someone needs to paint Ryan's room because its purple!

Other than that, we made it through Ryan's party. It rained about an hour before it was supposed to start, but then cleared up. We had to dry down the jumpy and all the tables and chairs outside, but it worked out. Ryan had a blast. He was so happy and full of smiles all day. He got some rockin gifts, which gave me permission to donate some of his old toys and box up the "baby" toys for #2. I'll post pics later...i totally always say that.


Anna said...

Congrats on the new house! Sounds so nice with lots of space! Best Wishes with the move!

Kalyn said...

How exciting!!! I wanted to suggest "Starving Students" as movers. They are AWESOME!!! You can pack as little or as much- they do it by the hour. I had a VERY good experience with them!!! Best of luck- and keep us all posted on the baby, and the house! :)
How fun!!!

Ghia said...

I'm so happy for you guys! So many changes coming up!!
Just wanted to let you know--most homes that are less than 10 years old are still under builder warranty. Those windows may still be covered under that warranty, so call the builder and find may save you some cash. It doesn't hurt to ask, even if that say 'no'...

good luck on the packing!

Lizzie Fish said...


if it matters at all, bree's room is directly across from the hall bathroom and we have all echoey's never been a problem =)

and YAY for the whole house vacuum! SO convenient!!!

McCoyFamily said...

Congrats sounds like everything is going well!

Judy said...

YAY! Congratulations Algers! So happy for you!

You got a central vac system? That's MONEY! You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it. No lugging vacuums up or down the stairs-just plug it into the switch and go to town.

YAY for you!!!!!!!!

Kalyn said...

oh, and I forgot to tell you that I grew up with Central Vac, and as a kid, doing the vaccuming it was AWESOME!!!! Yaya for Central Vac!