Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The big weigh in

Today is my 18 wk appointment, and I am hoping to have a better outcome than the 7lbs in one month from last time. I also expect a better tude from the doctor, maybe even an apology. Ok, that won't happen. But i'm pretty sure I've either gained no weight in the last month, or 2lbs at the MOST. Too bad they can't weigh me naked. We will also be having the talk about the spinal. Part of me is just so drained I'll just deal with it. My insurance has said I can switch doctors if I stay in my group, but there are no female docs in my group near here. Well there is one but I've heard yucky things about her. There is also a payment issue because our "group" has a maternity plan where you pay about $300 total to the doctor, and that is it. Fantastic. No hospital bill either. BUT, the $300 must be paid by 28 wks, so its kind of a payment plan until then. I don't want to leave and screw the doctor out of money for the care I've received, nor do I want the new doc not to get paid. Its such a mess. But I am happy to have insurance. We'll see what happens.

This baby has not been very active which makes me nervous so hearing the heartbeat today will be good. I think within a week of about now Ethan was able to feel Ryan already. What I've felt I think was something else because it was too high up and I'm pretty sure the uterus is still very low right now. I'm kinda hoping she'll do an in office awesome to know the sex first and then get to tell Ethan in a special way. Either way, the hospital ultrasound is coming up in about 2 weeks. I have not had any feelings or dreams, but when I refer to the baby in my head I say "she". It just comes out that way. I say baby or he/she whenever I'm talking to anyone because I truly don't know. I knew with Ryan, absolutely knew. This way we can paint at the new house if we need to, and I can order the new crib (ours was recalled and yes Ryan is still in it). I want a white crib if its a girl. Don't ask me why. There are no reasons these days.

Oh, I went to Motherhood Maternity a few days ago to use a gift card. More to come on that later!

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Our Family of Four said...

I hope the doc thing works out and I HOPE IT'S A GIRL!!! So fun to have both ;o)