Monday, October 20, 2008

Always get a home inspection

ALWAYS. Sadly, we are cancelling our offer on the house. We had our inspection on Sunday--well, not even a real inspection. He didn't even go inside. He saw signs of water damage outside, most likely a defect from when the house was built 10 yrs ago. The inspector had seen these signs before, and thought it was going to be pretty severe. The only way to really check was to get special permission to make holes in the walls and look for moisture. Basically, he thought the flashing in the windows was installed wrong, or the stucco was put on poorly. It was just too much to even think about dealing with. Every window had water staining, especially the windows at the back of the house (3 bedrooms, family room/kitchen). The window that was replaced upstairs was most likely because they thought it was leaking, but really it was the wall seeping. I am thankful we had such a great and honest inspector, and that we didn't get a surprise after we moved in. It really could have been a mess and cost us a ton of money--like taking off all the stucco and replacing all windows, and dealing with any mold which could have meant replacing boards. You do not want structural issues in a house. So, we have to start looking again.

Looking at houses was fun in the beginning. Now I am just tired of it. I have probably seen 50+ houses, and only been excited about a few. Hardly any (hardly) are move in ready. We can only take on so much with a baby on the way, and wanting to keep money in the bank for any emergencies. I'm sad Ethan won't get his 4 car garage, and might have to settle for a 2 car which I know won't make him happy. It will also mean I will have to find other places to store things if we don't have that extra space.

In other news, 3 yrs ago today was my due date with Ryan. So, wait about 12 more days for the real thing :) I also found out that the hospital I'm supposed to deliver at doesn't offer epidurals, they only do spinals. From what I've researched they are usually used for c-sections. You are numb higher, but its only one injection. They don't leave the tube in. Its one injection and it only lasts for about 2 hrs. With Ryan it was about 5 hrs from the time I got the epidural til Ryan was born. I'm not sure I could hang on that long and wait for the spinal. I'm going to check with my OB at my next appt and see what she says. Its possible I might have to switch hospitals which means switching doctors almost midway through my pregnancy. I'm ok with it, but I wonder if its weird to switch because I want the option of an epidural.


Judy said...

Sorry to hear about the house. You definitely dodged a bullet, though.

I know exactly how you feel. The thought of having to look at other properties, AGAIN, is so daunting. We looked at 153 properties from in 2 months if it makes you feel better-4 offers and finally our house.

HANG IN THERE! I PROMISE it will be worth it. =)

Lizzie Fish said...

i'm sorry about the house =(

and...SWITCH HOSPITALS! that is not weird. what's weird is a modern medical facility only offering one kind of pain relief for labor. are you kidding me?!

just do it now before you're too far along and even if you do switch later, trust someone who's been there - your child will be just as lovely and adorable even if *she* is not delivered by the same person who first measured your belly.

besides, you have a house to find. just take the doctor issue off your list of things to worry about.


McCoyFamily said...

Sorry about the house hunt:(

Do what makes you happy if you want an epidural switch Dr's it's never to late!

Our Family of Four said...

Be happy you found out about the house -just means it wasn't meant to be. Same happened to us... we were so close to buying a house in San Diego but the inspection was beyond awful.

As for the doc, do what makes you feel good. I will say, I had the spinal and it was great. Ask more questions before you make a definitive decision. Good luck :o)