Saturday, October 4, 2008

The housing mess

I'm starting to think we need to pick a date, and if we haven't found a house by then, we need to stop looking. I cannot imagine being hugely pregnant or moving with an infant. It would not be terrible to stay in this house for a while longer. We love the neighborhood. We would have to do some moving around as in the guest room/craft/junk room needs to be a baby room and where is that stuff going? Its going in the office, but Ethan doesn't know that. The office is kind of his space and he is very particular about what it is in here. It would be nice to move before the baby so we could get stuff like this arranged and settled. I had already told him that all of the "baby" stuff could go in the baby room and not the garage, and I would find a way to make it work. Needless to say we have a lot of stuff--we haven't gotten rid of anything, which is good, and bad. Our garage is full and I know it drives him crazy. But why would a jumperoo, 2 swings, bouncy seat, bath tub, bath seat, high chair, smaller high chair, and an entertainment thingy that looks like the big red car from the Wiggles bother anyone? Oh, and the pak n play. And about a gazillion diaper boxes full of boy clothes. Obviously if we get a 3 car garage it will not have 3 cars in it.

We considered changing our search criteria, looking in some older neighborhoods. We could almost pay cash and not have a payment, or at least a very small payment. The joy that would be, but then it keeps coming back to being snobs about neighborhood or schools. We drove around today and saw some nice houses and hope to get to view them soon. The neighborhoods were nice. They just weren't as nice as we had been looking at, the schools aren't new. Really, it shouldn't matter. There was a house I thought Ethan would love because it had a 3 car garage but he said he couldn't even look at it because of the color. I had him drive me by and it is green, but not lime green. Its actually a nice green, not what I would choose for the outside of my house, but not bad. I've seen much worse. I don't want to be those people on House Hunters (HGTV) I hate because they don't like a house because they hate the color of the bathroom. I know stuff can be changed. I just want to fall in love with a house and it really hasn't happened. The one we really liked and put an offer in on twice is back on the market. Fell out of escrow--again. We are letting it go this time. The comps in that neighborhood are going at least 20% over asking price and asking price is all we can pay for that house.

A Ryan funny. We were on the way to the grocery store and he said he saw birds. I asked him what they were doing and he said "flying." Duh. He even had the tone like "are you kidding me?"

In another interesting development, two of Ethan's co-workers want us to name the baby after them. Everyone thinks we are having a girl. I have no clue yet. I am still waiting for a dream like I had when I was pregnant with Ryan. Nothing yet. But, their suggested name was Kristy Dawn...I informed Ethan that it sounded a bit like a stripper wearing daisy dukes. Then my sister called me today and said she had a dream that she saw a bulletin on Myspace that I had the baby and her name was Brianna Dawn. Again with the Dawn? I promised her Dawn was nowhere in the running , and Brianna probably isn't either, just because Ethan's friend's daughter is named Brianna--but you never know. I don't hate it and that was the first criteria to finding Ryan's name. This really is why we need to know the gender. It will take us the remaining months to figure out a name. And have a back up. Except back ups tend to screw you up if you start to like them more than the favorite....oh my.


Lizzie Fish said...

from my experience, moving hugely pregnant was cool because i got to put my nesting instinct to great use while decorating and organizing. stuff i'd normally just put off, i DIDN'T...except i weirdly didn't finish the nursery until bree was four weeks old...but other than that it wasn't so horrible. trying to move with a newborn WOULD be less than fun.

anyway, good luck! i hope you find something you don't hate. =)

Lizzie Fish said...

...wait, and i also hope for your sake it's a girl so you can go shopping for all new cute cozy baby clothes. =)

Judy said...

We moved across the country when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant. It wasn't the most fun but the nesting thing is true. Of course I didn't have a preschooler in tow as well.

Hang in there. That's what people kept telling me, and "the right house is out there for you". It was true and they were right. 153 properties in 2 1/2 months and we got our home.

Also-in a few more weeks, people are going to be getting SUPER desperate, so that neighborhood that you can only pay the current asking price in might not be such a reach anymore. Time is still on your side....