Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Tomorrow is the big play group halloween/birthday party. HERE. 22 kids, 20 adults. Poor Ethan. He has no idea what he is in for! And paint will be involved. Scary. I managed to disinfect most of the toys in the playroom, and vacuum. I also went through Ryan's book basket (its a laundry basket) and took out the baby books. He even gave me permission that it was ok to give them to the baby--yater. I have a few spots to carpet clean in there (thank you to my dogs--honestly, they need to quit eating plastic and then throwing it up). Ethan's mom is coming over later, hopefully to keep Ryan occupied so I can finish decorating and cleaning up whatever needs to be cleaned up. Cuz right now half of our "L" couch is in the entry way. Not very welcoming for guests, but Ethan wanted to clean the carpets in the family room and I said YES, PLEASE. That was last weekend. You do not need to ask why the couch is still in the entry. YOU ALREADY KNOW.

I have dips for the moms, jello (in halloween shapes) for the kids, with the Chex "autumn" mix (it has m&ms and candy corn), cupcakes, goldfish and water/juice boxes. I think I'm covered. The treat boxes came from Lillian Vernon. They are shaped like pieces of cake, and when you put them all together to make the full cake it is so cute! There is an organic lollipop from Trader Joes (though I'm not sure there is really a point to buying organic from Mexico--what's up TJ's?), Yogos (which i think are gross but the kids seem to enjoy) and some halloween bubbles. Ethan is in charge of cleaning up the backyard tomorrow, in between us taking Ryan to preschool, then going back for his halloween party there. He is gonna be high on sugar!

Our bid on the house expires tonight at 5:00. Isn't it nice that the agent was just printing out the offer yesterday (tuesday) when our agent called to confirm she had received it--one of many calls she had made to her. She e-mailed it to her Sunday night. UG. The agent did say she was going to try and get the sellers to take it, especially since we are nearing the "holiday" season and people tend to quit house hunting then. Not to mention there are no other offers AND they are priced way too high. So... more waiting. I am willing to give them some extra time, but not too much because every day we lose looking at other homes...not that I want to keep looking.

Back to cleaning...wish me luck for tomorrow. Or, wish Ethan look. I hope I don't find him curled up in his car in the garage just waiting for the madness to end.


Lizzie Fish said...

you are such a great party planner! it's going to be sooo fun!

we just got back from the party for carly's playgroup and it WAS total madness. the kids had a GREAT time and all the husbands looked like they wanted to kill themselves, then their wives, in that order. hehe.

carly is STILL awake because - HEY THE PHILLIES WON - and she hasn't stopped talking for the last half an hour! yiiiikes!

Our Family of Four said...

The party sounds super fun! You did all that AND you are pregers - 2 kids is gonna be a peice of cake for you! Now, one warning, in case you didn't read my blog, my kids both puked after a halloween party last weekend. Somehow I missed that massive amount of candy going down range. Maggie I could have guessed (everyone knows how she LOVES food) but Max was a surprise. Just beware... you don't want a puke fest at your house ;o)

Our Family of Four said...

Oh, and I'm still sending good vibes about the house your way!

Judy said...

Good luck on the house! It's usually a good rule of thumb to put an expiration on the offer when it's a regular resale. Good job!

Hope you get it-and the party sounds fantastic! Can't believe our little ones are three (4 more weeks for Molls)!!!!!