Friday, October 31, 2008

Survival and sick

I am so partied out! Ryan's halloween party at preschool was cute, but cold. It decided to (finally) get cold over here. They had little stations set up for the kids, and they tried to do a parade but getting 21 3 yr olds to follow in a line doesn't really work. The big party here was fun, but we couldn't do any outside play due to RAIN. Again, the pregnant me is much happier in the cooler weather but 15 kids stuck inside...It all worked out. No one seemed too excited to paint (yipee) so I was able to save my floors. We made the foam halloween magnets and that was just crafty enough, and not messy. My house is a wreck, but that is fine. Ethan managed but just kept saying "thats a lot of kids." Pictures to follow.

Ryan had a runny nose yesterday which I thought was allergies, but today has an added cough so I'm guessing we have another cold. I don't think we'll be venturing out much tonight, maybe just to my parents. Kind of a bummer.

On the housing front, they countered our offer, which was expected. Now we (Ethan) has to decide what our counter is. We are so close, I hope. It would be great to be moved in by December and have time to get settled before April. I have to keep telling Ethan how much I love the house and hoping it doesn't come down to haggling over 5k, because in the long run, that is nothing. Keep the fingers crossed.

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