Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best line ever

I am a sucker for romantic movie quotes, though Tom Cruise's "you complete me" was a bit much. I tend to forget them within a few hours, but I heard something today I thought was the best line ever--and it was on TV. I started watching "Raising the Bar" on TNT. Its a new show this season and I love it. After working in a law office for 4 yrs I'm into court shows, not the CSI kind of stuff, but the actual court antics/lawyers, etc. Anyway, one of the public defenders has been interested in his boss (the head defender) but it wasn't very obvious. They have good chemistry and friendship, but I kinda thought they dug eachother. She had a little bit of a jealous moment and he FINALLY picked up on it, though she denied it. And then he said this:

If you were to say you were available, no other women in the world would exist.