Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let's make an offer!

We saw three houses last night, two that we really liked. It was about time. I was excited about them both, then got some info that has us leaning to a specific house. But...the details.

House #1

1) MOVE IN READY. No lie. Even the carpets looked brand new. For a foreclosure, that is unheard of. You have no idea the icky carpets I have had to walk across. Ew.

2) Some Pergo flooring downstairs (we are anti carpet but know we need to deal)
3) 2 closets in the master
4) Ethan's beloved master sinks are separate
5) good upstairs layout so no kids room will be right next to ours
6) 3 car garage (yay for Ethan!)
7) spa in the backyard w/ deck
8) great neighborhood and local school, lots of parks
9) Totally in our range

The cons. No grass in the backyard. The spa, though I always wanted one, with kids it makes me nervous, though in general I think its safer than a pool. This will easily be fixed with a locking spa top, and the deck is raised so we can gate off the deck as well. But still, another thing to worry about. It also needs a stove.

House #2

1) Huge, 5 bedrooms and good layout w/ a great kitchen/family room
2) large backyard w/ grass and cement
3) 4 car garage (Ethan described it as heaven)
4) all tile or pergo downstairs
5) great neighborhood, local school is a "magnet" school, several parks in walking distance
6) master has 2 closets
7) pantry in the kitchen!

Cons. Needs new flooring on the stairs and the entire second floor. Also needs a new AC unit. House had it but they took it with them. Should be fairly easy to buy a new unit and hook it up since the wiring is all there. But, come next summer will be an issue if its not done yet. Needs new paint throughout. There are some funky colors and flower wallpaper border...ick. Also needs a stove and some tiles replaced in the kitchen. Other than the flooring we could move in (after a good clean) and deal with stuff one thing at a time.

I wanted the MOVE IN READY easy way out, but you should have seen the twinkle in Ethan's eye when he stepped out into that garage. Its a 2 car, with a 2 tandem, and there is another separate single garage door that leads to the backyard. Really, he could live out there. We could park 2 of our 3 cars and have ample storage to make him happy. He doesn't ask for much. Then we got some info saying we have a good chance so we are making an offer tonight. Supposedly this bank does a quick turn around so ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

As for my brother's video, I'm not sure I can post it because he is in uniform. I'll check.


Our Family of Four said...

YEAH! I'm so bacited ;o) Fingers are crossed. Now is the PERFECT time for you to buy with the new drop in rates. LUCK, LUCK, LUCK!!!!

Judy said...

I will say a little prayer and cross my fingers. Here's to hoping the bank answers YES and SOON!!!! =)

Judy said...

Oh yeah=a FOUR car garage?