Friday, October 24, 2008

On the brighter side...

Popeye's opened :) If we can't have the beach to remind us of San Diego, we can have Popeyes. Watch me put on the weight now Dr....bleep.

Nikki is doing better. Ethan got her to eat her dinner last night and breakfast this morning. No more vomiting, though she is still drinking more water than normal. I believe the liver meds are working. SIL/vet tech said we didn't need to bring her in, since we were doing what they would tell us to do anyway, and the $100 blood test probably wasn't necessary since this has happened before. So we wait. If she has another unexplained episode we'll do some further testing, and I guess its a possiblity she can be on the $80 liver meds for the rest of her life. If she is acting fine, I'm fine. I think she knows we would never let her suffer. She gets a lot of alone time with me on the couch when Ryan naps, and with Ethan at night when Ryan is asleep so I'm confident she knows we love her and trusts us to do the right thing. The funny thing is that Shelby got to eat 4x yesterday! I kept forgetting to put Nikki's food up if I left the room. Then BAM it was gone. She is so sneaky. She used to be so obvious and you could hear her chowing down. I never heard a peep. And she still thought she was gonna get dinner. As Ryan would say "silly dog."

I am trying harder to set my brain right and accept some help for Ryan's party. I realized its next Thursday and I have nothing done, not even a list, which is very unlike me. I enjoy a good list. Time has been getting away from me and I haven't felt myself. We probably missed out on bidding on 2 houses we liked just because I couldn't process everything right now. I apologized to our agent and I hope she understands. Its weird how all of a sudden normal stuff seems so hard to keep up with. This weekend I will make a list for the party, coordinate help, and relax.

Pictures to follow of Ryan at our playgroup halloween carnival. They outdid themselves. There was a mini cemetary and one of the headstones was for Martha Stewart and it said "she dug her own grave." Isn't that hysterical?


Lizzie Fish said...

i'm laughing "i enjoy a good list" that is so cute! i do have to say i enjoy a good list myself. i prefer numbers to bullets, though...but that's just me. =)

Our Family of Four said...

See now I don't do list. Mike is a list-o-maniac and it makes me nuts. I swear sometimes he spends so much time thinking about his "list" and what should be on it he never gets anything actually done!

Glad Nikki is feeling a bit better.

Judy said...

Happy to hear about Nikki. =)

I too am a list NUT! I love them. I swear by them and for some reason even if things aren't always accomplished, I feel better just for having made the list.

Steph said...

I'm a big list girl too - and I love to cross things off the list when they are done. I love, love, love me a list!!! :)

And I'm SO HAPPY to hear about Nikki!!!