Thursday, October 16, 2008

Look, I scrapblogged my header!

I hope no one plans on me doing anything productive (like doing 3 days of dishes) because I am busy on scrapblog.

What else is going on? I got a flu shot Monday. Exciting. I did my research and both my primary and OB said to do it. Apparently getting the flu during pregnancy is very dangerous for the baby. No side effects, other than a sore arm for a few days. Next up is the AFP blood test. Because the 8 (count them 8) I have already given was not enough. I don't go back to the doctor for 3 weeks, so I'm watching the scale, hoping it doesn't go too out of control. I still haven't had any french fries, but man, I'm adddicted to the turkey/bacon/avocado on sourdough at a local deli. YUM.

Nothing new on the house. We still don't have a signed contract, though they have our deposit in a cashier's check. The inspections should be scheduled for next week, but not until we see some signed docs. As of right now the house is still active on the market and I don't like that. As soon as we get an escrow number that should all change, but there are still people walking through my house! They were so quick to accept our offer (2 days) and want a quick close, but they seem to be lagging in drawing up the "final" paperwork. Ethan and I figured out how much money we can spend on repairs and the new flooring. Its important for us to keep money in the bank for an emergency fund (you go Suze Ormon) so if the repairs are too much, we have to say goodbye to the house. It will be sad, but not as sad if Ethan lost his job and we had no savings.

Ryan is experiencing serious 3 yr old anxiety. He worries if I will pick him up from school, he worries Ethan won't go in and get him in the morning. It is a cycle of him asking the same thing over and over, us reassuring him, then he asks again. It is exhausting. I have told him we will ALWAYS get him, then modified it to add grandma or grandpa or auntie or uncle. So many people love him this kid will never be left anywhere. I'm assuming its another 3 yr old control issue. Today at the pumpkin patch, after we did all the scheduled stuff with the preschool everyone split up. No way you can keep about 20 preschoolers together for too long. Ryan was so worried we lost his teacher. We had to go find her so he could see she was still there. I was chopped liver I guess. I kept thinking, how am I gonna do something like this with 2 kids. Ryan has been disobedient lately, and one of the things he is doing is running from me. I HATE THAT. DESPISE. He has rarely ever gotten a spank, but that is one thing that sets me over the edge. Especially when he is running from me in a crowded area. Am I supposed to 4-wheel with my stroller or bounch my little baby in the bjorn as I run after him? He will even run from me at home which is lame. He is trying to take a toy with him to time out (on the stairs). Not sure why he thought that was ok. I know, consistency consistency consistency. Workin on it.

My beef and rice caserole just beeped, and Ryan will be home soon from an afternoon of playing with uncle and grandma and grandpa. My brother is so awesome and is gonna be a great dad. This was his first week "out in the field" as a deputy sheriff and he has Thurs/Fri off. He called me this afternoon to see if he could take Ryan. Um...yes! Then ofcourse they go to grandpa and grandmas, but still, me home alone. Ethan is working late, Ryan will have already eaten dinner. I will be up all night because I took a nap...darn naps.

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Anna said...

I like your new header! How do you do that? :)