Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Conversation with my doctor (who i now kinda hate)

Dr: You are putting on the weight fast. You gained 7 lbs (8 total on their scale) in 4 wks.
B: Yes, I know. Not good.
Dr: I don't mean to harp. I just don't want you to be unhappy. If you are only going to gain 25lbs you've gained too much too soon.
B: (in my head) who decided I was only going to gain 25? isn't that a bit unrealistic when I gained 40 last time?

Trying to sound repetent: I need to exercise more.

Dr: No, you need to eat less. You are not eating for 2. All of this weight is going on you, not the baby.

B: OK (wanting to cry)

Then it took a while to find the heartbeat which is nerve wracking, but all is well. And apparently I am now an emotional eater because I went across the street to the new Target that I love and bought a bag of Archer Farms salt & vinegar chips and ate some on the way home. Cuz that helped, I'm sure. I also bought a food stacking hamburger play thing for Ryan's birthday. He has been into "cooking" lately but his daddy won't let him get a play kitchen. So, I decided he could get some play food. This one is also a stacking game so its cool, and it has an electronic menu and it will tell you in what order by color or name, etc. how to stack the hamburger. Love it! I also looked at the play cooking stuff. $20 for a few small pans and a pink oven mit. No thanks. Because I am my mother's daughter, I went to the housewares dept. and looked at their sets. I can get a name brand set of 30 pieces (some I could use for myself with a tray) for $20. Ryan would love that even more because they are real. I'm excited about that. So, I think a few more food pieces, and the Bosch kids drill set I got him and he is good to go for his birthday!

And just for fun, my brother got tazered at work yesterday. It is not a requirement but he decided to do it. Talk about dedication. The video is hilarious though.


Our Family of Four said...

Ha, can you post the video?

I got my kids a small cooktop from Fischer price that is waaay cool and takes up far less room than the big set.

As for the weight gain, I love the salt and vinegar chips part. EXACTLY what I would do too, yes, I too am an emotional eater hence the 15 pounds last year. YIKES!

Judy said...

Just wondering, was your doctor male or female?

Salt and vinegar chips are food from the Gods.

Um, your brother chose to be tazered? Post it already!

McCoyFamily said...

I Love me some Salt and Vinegar chips...Ignore that stupid Dr. you may only get this last chance to eat what ever you want and no one can judge you:) Enjoy it!!!

Anna said...

That doctor seems a bit harsh to me. And Lucas got lucky I guess having a sister and all so he regularly 'cooks' with the play kitchen he loves it! Hey, what my aunt used to tell my uncle cuz my godson was WAY into kitchens was that most famous chefs are men so encourage the interest! Find a neutral colored kitchen. My godson is now 9 and BEGS to actually cook now and help prepare dinner. Still loves it too!